Palette – It all started with an imaginary, memory detective


Long ago, long before the reign of dreaming Nikki, there was an old legend – one that gave birth to a new genre. A man called Nishida Yoshitaka stood up and yelled: “Screw turn- based battles! They are such a boring and annoying part in RPGs, compared to exploring and interacting with the overworld!” He then worked for seventy months and five hours and his hands shaped a creation – “Hello, amnesia Madotsuki!”–, also known as B.D. , the starring character in a game called “Palette”. The guy also made the game. Yes.

While it is unlikely that he actually said those words, the man showed a great example regarding how you can set a new horizons by striving away from the usual meta formulas. To a certain extend, I do also prefer overworld interactions more than the turn based battles – This dates way back to my childhood where I would play RPGs and be annoyed by the repetitive fights after a while. In addition to that – The various prolonged boss battles that tend to punish you via silly RNG elements or just because you forgot to stock on a certain item, failed to use a specific ability and so on and so on! However, there are still games where the developers managed to balance things up and put together even elements like that in a way the player would find enjoyable. That’s why I’m not completely discarding games with turn- based battles. Isn’t this the case for pretty much every genre as a whole?

Years ago, when I stumbled upon “Palette” for the first time, I remember not having any actual fun with the game. That wasn’t because there was anything wrong with the game itself, but mostly because I didn’t have the patience to let it show me its unique value. I blame the pressure from university and the succubus who taught me how to fly a kite! Anyways, I played “Palette” briefly, but even though I dropped it, I promised myself that I would one day come back to it and figure things out properly.

So here I am now with properly figured- out things! “Palette” is a game about a girl named B.D. who tries to retrieve her lost memories. As a whole, this sums up the whole game, but there are still additional details that enhance  the experience a bit further. Paying attention to the whole plot development can be a bit hard, but it’s a must if you wish to fully enjoy the game. The actual gameplay revolves around exploration and interacting with objects, which might sound like nothing new under the whale’s teeth, BUT…

…there is the additional aspect of restriction. You are limited at first when it comes to how much you can make B.D. explore and where to go. Rather than going all willy-nilly over the place, you actually need a bit of careful planning. When you run out of energy, the game resets back to your initial starting position, which as a whole, helps a lot when it comes to backtracking – a common aspect in the game! Of course, as one can expect, the more you progress in the game, the more your maximum energy level will increase. You’ll manage to travel further and uncover more places and objects and WIN THE GAME EVENTUALLY! Doesn’t that sound special and exciting?!?! I am acting like a total asshole, but that won’t change the fact that this game is pretty good and the author really managed to shape it up real nice. You have an energy level meter in the game.

Palette DONE!

I personally enjoyed the graphics and visuals in the game. RPGDenter87 is an old engine, but I am even older, thus, totally impressed by everything done with it! There is also the PS1 version, but that’s gonna be for another post, sometime in the future, where I’ll probably forget the fact that I once managed to eat a whole bottle of mustard on my own. Such is the cruel reality of the aging process.

I think “Palette” is a solid 8.8 out of 10 material. Please give me good feedback on my IGN profile so I can get money and release my “Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge” nude mode! Thank you!


·きのこの森の少女 – Beware of the woodland fiery shrimp!

girl mushroom woods

There is not much to say about this title, given that I’ve already made a fantastic video that covers all its essential bits in terms of gameplay, sound, graphics, plot, character design and whatnot. In addition,there is also a dedicated description in the video that provides further insight regarding the high quality of the product!

I’m just really sad that such a great video game wasn’t received well during its initial release… True, not everyone can read Japanese or be a fan of the blue – colored main menu… But if only people waited for that crucial [1.2] version update, they would have been completely overwhelmed by the new ENGLISH interface, along with the stylized, mushroom- brown background.- [/As seen in the video/]/ Of course, let us not forget about the Girl’s unique spin move, which gives her the sort of personality that you see rarely in characters from video games nowadays!… – Another new addition that can only be seen in version 1.2!

Alas, the judgement of humanity tends to be rushed, usually missing on the most important of details – Those of pure heart become prisoners, while the real culprits still walk among us, still tormenting us with the impossible art of star- riding…

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans – Special, late birthday edition!


The thing about getting older is that each new birthday gets better and better – There is less to no cake and only few people remember it! That is, after you “gently” remind them with a leaking bucket, full of sarcasm regarding your age, flying towards their faces. Twenty- Five is by all means the age where you are supposed to get all serious about video games, since as we all know, they are a key element for a successful future where you get all the money and sex in the UNIVERSE! With “Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans”, I’ll be starting the new volume [Gran _-‘D], which will cover lots of different titles, with an aim towards the more popular once, all and all with the ultimate goal of having it as a home place for the 1000- 1001 title!

Anyways, on to the actual “Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans” content…

My first introduction to this game happened at a friend’s place, when we booted a “StarCraft” CD. [CD stands for COMPACT DISK!] There was a trailer on it for the game, which was represented by a fairly intriguing animation movie. Me and my friend were quite curious about all the unknown characters and moreover, we were wondering about what the actual gameplay is like. At that point, we’ve seen all the games from the “Warcraft” series, apart from this one. Thus, to make things easier on our minds, we just assumed that its just another RTS. At that time, our biggest priority was to just play and have good time with “StarCraft”, really! Still, from that day on, that animated trailer got stuck into my head. For more than a decade, I’ve remembered the lines and scenes from it. Finally, not a long while ago, I’ve seen a person mentioning the game and I got answers to all my questions from the past. “Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans” was a cancelled adventure game! My excitement was all over the place, by which I mean that I ate a pork chop.


Luckily, at that time, someone was also kind enough to leak the game itself. In less than thirty minutes, I’ve managed to get my hands on it, fix a thing or two to make it easier for a screen capture and there I am watching and listening to every single bit of it in anticipation.

I would say, the animation in the game feels a bit quirky. I was quite surprised, but also happy to see various characters that I’ve seen only in “Warcraft III”, like Thrall, Gazlowe, Drek’Thar,  Nazgrel, Bork’Throrp, Farnir, Michelangelo and Ooo’ Klucky! Yes, who can forget about good ol’ Ooo’ Klucky, the half- orc – half- robot- chicken with his tendency to suicide by self- destruct, causing a tremendous massive explosion. Alas, all his attempts to achieve that usually end up in vain…

Various bugs and missing voice lines are presented in the game, but given its current status, it is to be expected. We’ll just have to wait for the release of the Blizzard PC mini classics, where hopefully, our purchased machine won’t be colored in shit- black or tender yellow- green vomit nuance!

Overall, the game is pretty entertaining and the “adventure” title suits it well in terms of abstraction. Thrall’s quest to unite the orcish clans takes him to various different places and puts him in many interesting situations, like stealing a gryphon’s egg, escaping from the belly of a dragon after being swallowed, ransacking an ancient crypt and so on! Characters with unique personalities and fairly easy puzzles might just be your thing, especially if you are new to adventure games as a whole! That’s the thing about this game, isn’t it? There aren’t all that many options regarding the puzzles that must be solved, so you are bound to find a solution in no time! No bullshit, no butterflies causing rain clouds in another time and space! Just orcs having trouble dealing with strong alcohol! In the end, as a kid from the 90s, I truly enjoyed the nostalgic feeling that the game gave me. I truly regret the fact that “Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans” was never released. I wonder what kind of impact would it have had on me, if I played it as a child?

Astérix: Mega- Madness – Gaul party of one


The Astérix comic books were some of my first readings, ever since I learned how to read at the age of three. I remember the panels being really detailed and well- drawn, with the dialogue being interesting and amusing in general. The mania over the series further extended over buying stickers, toys and of course, renting VHS movie tapes. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my child needs! I knew that popular franchises tend to get their own video games as well, but apart from a rumor about an actual NES game, I’ve never heard of, seen or played an Astérix video game until the year of 2002.

“Astérix: Mega-Madness” was a game that my brother got me for our PC back then. That was though, after we saw and play the game itself in a PC- club. Since it was only on a single PC machine, it was a rare opportunity for us to be able to play it. At the PC club, I would usually leave my brother to play for the most part, with me either idly watching or helping him by pressing certain buttons every now and then. At home however, I had the whole game to myself. This probably had something to do with the fact that my brother didn’t like spending as much time inside our home as I used to.

The game really managed to impress me, what with its “glorious” 3D graphics, animation and of course, fair variety of playable characters and the fact that you get to bash boars, Romans and do many, many other classic things related to the series. It was an unusual, fun, party game, solely played by me. We didn’t really knew how to set the game to be played by more people, but it’s not like my brother or my friends were into it as a whole, really. It was just me, gradually learning how each of the mini- games work, until the third day when I beat the main story mode and saw the ending. The game is pretty short and easy to learn, honestly! Moreover, the process of doing so is really fun! Even after you master it, you are bound to still have fun with it, should you decide to replay it. The replay value is pretty good! I guess it’s due to the fact that the game is pretty initiative in terms of gameplay, offering a good variety of things to do, none of which will bore you to death! It’s a packed- action all over the floor, where are my raven- black raisin’s ?

Asterix Mega Madness

My recent revisit of the game let me enjoy it once more, but this time with the animated cutscenes and in- game music playing! Something which never occurred back on our older machines. Apart from that, there isn’t much more to say! The game is still as fun as it used to be. As someone who grew up with the PC, I guess this was my form of unique Mario party, only with less bullshit.

8.6 out of 10 !!!

Emily Enough: Imprisoned – Hiding spot –


If I am to praise this game for what best it has in store for the player, that would be the fact that it manages to portray in an interesting and charming way the various necessities composing our ugly world. While the game is pretty old at this point, certain bits like people and situations from it can still be seen in parts of our own lives nowadays. For how well it aged, this game is alright in most departments, except maybe for that “one” thing in the actual gameplay. Ahem!

What sold me on playing “Emily Enough: Imprisoned” back in the days was the idea of a main character being a little girl who went complete nuts over a silly thing, murdering her whole family and being sent to an asylum as a result, from which you need to help her escape. I was expecting this game to turn into a hack and slash, murder hotel killing spree, but instead, it taught me the horrors of office work. The main idea felt pretty fresh and innovative years ago, but now, to be honest, it feels a bit dull.

In general, as an adventure game, “Emily Enough: Imprisoned” has the essential flavor for a good time: Interesting dialogue, simple, but enjoyable characters, decent areas for exploring and fairly easy-to follow puzzles. Though for the last one, I do suggest that you get your finest magnifying glass, given the fact that most essential objects and items in this game are tiny and kind of hard to spot on your first try. If you do manage to get past this silly theme, then please, enjoy “Emily Enough: Imprisoned”! I did, even though for some reason I remembered this game as a let-down. I guess the craving for blood and death in hapless, teenager me was not satisfied?

Emily Enough Imprisoned DONE!

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that the ending still feels pretty boring and unsatisfying. I wonder if the guy who made this game was planning on a sequel to fill in for it? I would have loved to see more of Emily, but for how much time has passed, I’m not really counting on it… sadly…

Every now and then, I noticed music playing in the game. This can tell you just enough about that aspect!

5.9 out of 10 is a score good ENOUGH for Emily! And a thumb up.  No heads down.