💄 Lipstick [PC-88] 💄



As far as minimal gameplay interactions can go, this one is probably my finest bit. I’ve even been reconsidering putting this up a few times, simply because it’s such a hollow entry in terms of actual flavor.

“Lipstick” is a series of five CG sets that contain various adult themes and fetishes. You just press a key to go from one image to the next. Every now and then, you’ll come across some images that have the additional option to play a short animation via the press of another key. Because of their fast speed, most of these animations seem pretty quirky and hilarious, but that might also be due to the magic of emulation itself.

The art is quite alright in my opinion, with some decent variety. Most of it is pretty vanilla, but there are a few unique pieces to scratch your chin at.

Initially, I only knew about the “Lipstick” series on the FDS, which contain some images from the PC-88 sets, only in much lower, decreased quality. They are a bit more interactive as far as games go, if sliding hellish puzzles are part of your sick preferences. At first, I wanted to pair and write about both “Lipstick” series from each platform, but I guess I’ll hold on to doing the FDS ones for now. They are not very… FUN! But to be fair, it’s more about the fact that I never really planned on saving a day which to dedicate on them. I guess sanity still has a somehow of a firm grip on my mind.

But for how long…?

Mature series [PC-88] – Directional Heart


Browsing through the PC-88 library, I notice a decent amount of Doujin soft works here and there. While they do have their issues, compared to official releases by bigger companies, most of these titles are of a really high quality in terms of many aspects. When you look at it that way, some things never change even decades later, do they? Ah, but I really like the unique ideas in most of these games, even though the execution is not always done very well. You can tell that it was a simple time when innovative spirits were able to tap out their potential and the results are pretty interesting if anything.

The “Mature” series is a trio of doujin puzzle games released through the period of 89- 91 by Excel Soft. While plot elements are lackluster, the CG artwork is of a pretty good quality and the gameplay is quite enjoyable.

In these games, you are a heart. A throbbing red mass full of emotion and strength, which is enough to let you push any block that might stand in your way! There is also a girl who moves all over the place and your object is to use the blocks scattered around to forge her a path that would lead her to the nearby door. The girl always moves straight, but if there is a solid object in her path, upon reaching it she will turn left, before continuing with her usual movement pattern. A pretty simple formula, isn’t it? Well, it stays the same for the whole course of the series. No new gimmicks or even tile set layouts! Even the character sprites stay the same, despite the fact that the girl you forge a path for is only featured in the first game.

There are a few ways for a failure in these games. One of them is if you get into a direct contact with the girl. Some levels feature black holes, which as far as we know, are not very kind towards walking bags of flesh. You can grind your heart- shaped body all you want into them though or just push some blocks into their hungry maws to completely obliterate them. Other than that, the only way left to screw up is if you push a block in a bad way were it would put you in a softlock. Suicide is the only option at that point…

The first game of the series features an animated sequence of the girl you forge a path for, who will undress gradually as you progress through the stages. There is also a very rich main menu, which has some additional CGs of monster girls, sound test and whatnot. For some reason, I never managed to find the suicide or speed- up key for this game, so I’m wondering if those options were still absent? It’s not that big of an issue really, given that most levels in the first game were of a really simple nature, with some of average difficulty every now and then.

The second title features CGs of random girls in what seems to be a sleepover with gradually developing lesbian sexual intercourse. The main menu is reduced to simply an option where you can pick a different soundtrack to listen to while playing the game. The levels are more of the same as within’ the first game, though there are a few that require you to act real fast at the start and can be quite the pain in the ass when it comes to preserving your extra lives. Practice makes perfect, but to be fair, once you get past their rough start, the rest is a cakewalk. Still, it’s quite the jerk move that can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

The third and final game is depraved of any main menu options, apart from starting the game. There is now a voiced opening sequence of a girl greeting you and then it’s straight into the fray! The levels in this game are of a bit more complicated nature, with one breathers being more and more rare. CGs are of just random girls at random places at a random time. References to other popular projects are also present. As a final entry for the series, I can’t say that this one feels rushed, at least not when it comes to the level design.

It’s a weird trio, but they are fun to hang out with! A total of 90 unique level sets (30 per game), featuring the same formula over and over. Surprisingly, it doesn’t get boring after a while, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the quick pace of progression these games offer. While I’m not a big fan of puzzles featuring limited tries, these games are not all that hard or long to breeze through, even with the few extra lives you are provided with. Overall, I had a pretty good time!

🏎️ Cozumi World [PC-88] 🏎️


From what I’ve learned and read on the internet, this game is supposedly a sequel to “Aya-chan World”, which is both quite surprising and exciting. They kept the same formula which made the first game such a hit – Gradually undressing Anime girl, tracks that resemble an art fever dream in terms of visuals and a sweet ass ride to race through all that shit! It honestly makes me really happy to know that there is another one of those games, as they are such an unique entries from the past to the adult game genre.

Cozumi World 1.1 DONE!

Apart from having a different girl, “Cozumi World” was also tuned down a bit in terms of difficulty. Yet again, it starts out with fairly linear tracks, although the time limit does feels a bit tighter. The latter, maze- like tracks are way easier to navigate through, which doesn’t make me happy personally, but what can I do? It is what it is. There is also the addition of a few really tight passages to go through, but even with the game’s clunky controls, it’s not all that hard to nudge the car through them.

Cozumi World 1.2 DONE!

At the end of the race, all I can feel is both satisfaction and sadness. I really wish there were more entries to these series, but I guess even two is more than what one could bargain for. Just take it and hold your head high, let everyone around you see those tears coursing down through your beautiful face! Eternity…!

Super Jack [PC-88] + Super Jack Pro 68K [X86000] – Flare learns how to play blackjack in less than a minute!


I have no idea why I never bothered learning this game in the past! It takes no time whatsoever to learn and pick up! It’s way easier than poker, that’s for sure. Those are pretty much the only two card games that I know how to play now, honestly. That and Yu-Gi-Oh, the early years! Back when mages were mages and anime wasn’t a life style.

Speaking of anime, here’s a game with one that also involves playing blackjack – “Super Jack” for the PC-88.

Super Jack DONE!

Despite the monochrome graphics, this game is pretty decent and enjoyable. If anything, the graphics further set up one for a nice, quiet and comfy night of blackjack against the anime girl, who will discard her clothes upon losing a certain number of games. The progress counter goes higher the more you win and lower the more you lose. Pretty basic stuff. For each new level the quota goes higher, thus, you have to win more, but at the same time you are allowed to lose more as well. Getting a GAME OVER is quite unlikely once you progress further into the game. It happened to me once at the start of the game, due to unfavorable RNG. Well, in those types of games it is to be expected, no reason to be upset really.

I like the part towards the end where the girl begs you for one more game, a chance for her to potentially reclaim her clothes. It’s pretty cute and it kind of reminds me of when I used to play cards with others when I was younger. We’ve all went through a last chance moment, only to blew it in no time or turn the tables around, though it is usually the first case. A loser is a loser, one last chance or not. Sometimes it’s better to just accept the facts. It makes it easier for one to move on and become a better person overall!

This game is pretty generous as it counts the cards for you. It’s not a big deal if you can count, but I guess not everyone can be a professor from Harvard and count to twenty- one. This game taught me to not be afraid to go higher when I’m at 15 or 16 and my opponent has a 10 or a 9. A truly satisfying experience!

I should also mention the animated cutscenes! They are pretty smooth and neat-o! 10/10!

Super Jack Pro 68K DONE!

There is another version of this game for the X68000, named “Super Jack Pro 68K”. It features colorized graphics and voice acting. I like the voice acting, it’s pretty cute and alright, fits the anime girl well enough. The overall hud is also changed and the cards have been increased in size. Pretty small changes and additions, but the overall gameplay, cutscene animations and the A.I. were retained. Between this version and the PC-88, I guess it all comes to personal preferences, but I enjoyed both of them equally.

For some reason I got GAME OVER on both versions once. Also, the PC-88 version was translated, so if you feel threatened by moon runes, you can use the patch for it. I know I did! I take no extra chances…

Aya-chan World [PC-88] – Go Speed Racer Go!


“Aya-chan World” is a pretty interesting entry for the PC-88. It’s a short game where you control a car and you must race on various tracks against a set timer. The timer itself is quite generous, so you can take your time searching for the finish line. As for the tracks themselves, they are a mess of colors, like some obscure art piece from a gallery made by baby that rolled over some paint and then took a nap on the canvas. It doesn’t look astonishing, but it’s quite interesting in it’s own way.

The first few tracks are a bit more straightforward, while the latter ones are a bit more maze – like. It’s nothing too complicated, but one might still feel a bit disoriented. The car itself controls alright, no complains about it whatsoever.

Aya Chan World 1.1 DONE!

After the completion of each track you are being rewarded with a lewd CG of an anime girl who goes by the name of Aya. The further you progress into the game, the less clothes will Aya wear. Are you racing to impress her? Is she racing and getting all hot and bothered by the INTENSE tracks? None of these questions matter really, as anime is a topic that’s beyond any reasoning…

Aya Chan World 1.2 DONE!

This is a game that you would play once and never again. There is no point in exploring the more complicated tracks as there is nothing really else to find besides the finish line. It’s not really a bad game in a sense that it doesn’t really do anything wrong, but on the other hand, it doesn’t bring much to the table as well.