Attack! Month to 500!


Let’s spice things up a little! For the next month, I am planning to do a total of 101 new entries for the “Gran _-‘D” volume! I wish to cover various popular titles, series and alternative versions of games that I’ve already beaten. I will post daily updates on twitter, saying a thing or two regarding the entries I complete for the day! Meanwhile, I will also keep posting every now and then here, as I have prepared the material for the remaining few entries ’till the 400th mark! Once I’m done with this silly monthly experiment and I hit my 500th milestone, I’ll take a break for a while and focus on something I’ve been holding off for quite a while!

I have picked games of interest from various consoles, mainly the Game Boy. I am not entirely sure regarding their overall difficulty, but I think it’s balanced enough for me to be able to pull this off. After all, most of them are platformers and I eat those for breakfast!

If you wish to observe my progress and chit- chat, you are more than a welcome to join me on Discord. Why not stream it? I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of streaming in general. I know that most people enjoy sitting on their asses and stare into the oblivion of boredom for hours, but I am a man who values original and quality content. If you haven’t figured that out by my posts in this blog and thought otherwise, I pity you, oh, rotten salmon of the moon lake on Neptune!

Change into food


First of all, I’m going to finally update the vault with additional new images.Not fully, but enough to cover most of the emptiness.

As stated before, I won’t focus on any additional volumes until I’m done with the current ones.This will also let me actually focus on adding entries for the junkbox and the gauntlet as a whole.The junkbox feels empty and neglected, which is a shame from my end, since I’ve created it quite a long time ago.The gauntlet is a new addition that doesn’t deserve a similar fate to the junkbox.Both of those need a bit more love and attention…

On another note, I have quite a lot of Steam games left behind as well.Few people have been upset by me ignoring their presents and requests regarding that platform.Thus, I would also like to spent more time clearing as many of them as possible.

Apart from that, there’s not much to say. I’ll still play the video games and write about the video games and video games.

Happy New Year!