Eversion – Layers of additional stuff,which you won’t do!


This game was gifted to me via STEAM by VadimllRusso!Thanks a lot bud!

It’s supposed to be a free game,whatever!Spending a bit of cash on the Steam version won’t hurt!After all,you do get the same game in higher definition,along with some extra content for which um,…nobody really cares about?

Well,I mean,there are people who care about it,but honestly,the extra content doesn’t make up for what Eversion lacks in general.Oh,man,here be plot – Save a princess,blah blah twists!Sure,I can roll with it!I did so before with the free version,I can do it again with the Steam one.Here’s what I also remember when I played the free version years ago – I remember playing a game with a generic platforming and a gimmick that did not really fit with it!It’s pretty cool to shift to other dimensions and see the levels change along with the platforming segments,but that didn’t really improved anything.The actual idea is to use the gimmick to collect the gems scattered around each level,but honestly,most people would ignore doing that!It’s like collecting each coin in Super Mario – Few would be willing to put up their time for that!Same goes for extra content and achievments in general.I actually hear complains from various people that I tend to spend too much time on games doing those additional bits.

The majority of people prefer to be just done with a certain game.They would only put up with the extra content if they actually liked the game.Given that,people would just end up rushing Eversion and not really experience it the way it was meant to.

But you know,even after I did everything in the game,I was still not satisfied with it.And I think I know why – It’s not really all that appealing to me…

Eversion DONE!

Apart from the gimmick and the idea that there is an editor which could let people do miracles[and crap] in terms of level creation,there isn’t anything about Eversion that grabbed me.Both characters,enemies and level design are pretty unappealing,while the music – I didn’t really cared for it.The extra content that the game provides you with doesn’t seem rewarding at all,once you go over it.Didn’t really enjoy the controls and their slight,shabby nature…

Let’s just enter an eversion layer that would let me give it my honest 5.2 out of 10 and be done with!


Depict1 – It’s obvious to everyone!


Of course,once I read the description for this game,where it states that “trust” with a //?// is a gameplay factor within’ it,I was bound to completely ignore it and not trust anyone whatsoever!At that point,it served more as a rough walkthrough for the game,rather than a description.It was an obvious hint and I was right about it all along,without any doubts.

So what happens then?What can Depict1 offer to the player,once he/she goes into the game with the mindset that nothing is to be trusted?I’ll tell you what happens.You play a short platformer with a low difficulty.That’s it!Unless you decide to trust the person in the game who is giving you false directions,you are probably not going to die a whole lot.Maybe not even at all!I don’t know.As mentioned,the platforming part of the game does not pose a difficulty and one can easily finish this game in pretty much no time.

Depict1 DONE!

As a whole,Depict1 felt like it lacks a lot.I played this game years ago as well and I felt the same way back then.There was nothing about it that managed to impress me.Gimmicks or level design,it didn’t matter at all,given the fact that you are bound to find yourself beating each stage before the entity that gives you directions even finishes its words.The quick respawns also contributes to that,as well as to completely nullify the “trust” gimmick even further.

There’s a plot.It might be deep or weird,I don’t know.It’s whatever,really!

Wait,what do you mean that’s not a hair?

Isn’t there like,another game with similar concept?

But hey!If anything,this game is perfect for people who are seeking to play something soft and easygoing!Screw that hardcore Damp Souls crap!

I give this game my honest 9.8 out of 10!

Pink Hour/Pink Heaven – I am a chubby-pink-blob-like lady and I can have my own games about me!


Get them now!Quickly!

Get them now!On Steam!

Both of them!2,1,zero!!

They are free,they are short and I didn’t enjoy the jumping in both of them!Pink Hour/Heaven – Get them now and make someone you know,who is not good at video games,play them!What an enjoyable struggle to watch would that be!And even if they do manage to finish the games,you can always toss in their face the hard mode from each one!Wow!They really managed to include a hard mode for these really short games…

The graphics are quite enjoyable,typical PIXEL style of work.Same goes for the music and plot really.Both games pretty much revolve around platforming parts that require you to time yout jumps well,and as I mentioned,the jumping control is pretty unenjoyable…

The combat challenge is presented pretty much within the bosses.Even so,the bosses as a whole do not pose that much of a treat really.I do like the various gimmicks behind each of them.

Pink Hell 4

Hard mode makes the games even more enjoyable if you seek a real challenge.[not]////It involves even more precise timing on your jumps [how dare they make me do that in a platforming game] and whatnot,along with a pretty neat extra mid-boss in Pink Heaven.

Plot exist and there are various endings.On that matter,I really didn’t enjoy the replay value of these games.

Here’s a 5 out 10 for both!PINK GAMES!I don’t know…

Puzzle De Wahhouu! – Leaving any doubts behind!


Back to doujin games,this time with this unpopular piece.Based on “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” – A series that speak quite well about the anime and manga trends back in those days.Back when the art was rough,the plot was dragging and boring,everything was overdramatized and…wait a minute!Things haven’t changed!There is just more fanservice and moe nowadays to help boost the viewer’s life insecurities.But enough of this crap…

Puzzle platformer – My first impression from the screenshots was that this was going to be a baby cake.One reason for that was due to the art,which seemed unpolished,rough,in need of a few touches,but then again,we are talking about the time period around 2002.[Judging a book by its cover.Cmon “Me”!]The other reason was me getting really cocky when it comes to platforming games of any kind.

So I went through the tutorial of the game,where everything that I needed to know was explained in a simple way.I don’t remember if there were additional things that were added out of the blue later,during the main game,so let’s assume that the tutorial did its job to properly introduce me to the game.[It did,but I never listen…]You play as the Sugar,a fairy character from the series,who likes to eat waffles and sing on a flute.That’s as far as my knowedge goes.I watched one episode of the show for potential helpful refrences for this post and man do I regred it.So…We have the typical normal platforming bits of moving around,jumping and climbing ladders,in addition to a gimmick where you collect snowflakes and use them to create platforms.Eat all waffles on the screen – beat the level.Simple enough!I started the main game,got stuck in the first world.By stuck,I mean really stuck!Fifteen minutes until I figured it out!Then I went to take a look at the rest of the stages,which on the first sight looked really complicated.I was starting to have doubts about the fact that I can beat the other stages!It was a pretty nice touch that the game lets you choose any stage you want to play.That way if you get bored of busting your brains on one stage,you can always switch to another!You can also close the game,go outside for a walk,meet with friends,spend some real life quality time!Hell,you can even go for a nap!So many possibilities!Anyways…

Puzzle de wahhou DONE!

Eventually,I’ve managed to beat all the stages through the simple logical path of discarding any bad moves that lead to dead ends,and avoiding the potential loops that sent you to them in first place.Honestly,that’s such a common problem when you play puzzle and adventure games…I don’t know about other people,but regardless of my experience,I still can’t quite shake it off me.

Music was pretty alright.The whole game feels pretty short to be fair.It lacks any actual ending and it only rewards you with ART for beating all the stages in each world.[Can’t say the art rewards felt exciting…]Well…

It was decently fun.This is all I can say. A 5.5 out of 10 material.


Saira – Lonely Space Adventures


When I think of space adventures,I think of flying through space,dodging asteroids,fighting other spacecraft,visiting new planets – new worlds,and potentially wipe out their whole existance.Also,enslaving potential races and life forms and bring them back to my exper-…Well,ANYWAYS!

Saira is a game,where space feels like the way actual space is being described.I don’t know.I’ve never been in space.I can’t be sure.They could be lying to us,for all know!So,you play as a girl named Saira,who flies her space ship to various planets in search for parts that she needs for her broken teleporter,due to reasons and PLOT!By that I mean reconnecting with the people she cares about and…WELL PLOT!I liked it though.The plot had a really nice flavor.It’s your typical Nifflas spicy-flavored-kind-of-plot.

We also have the typical “Hello,my name is good atmosphere in a game.Enjoy your stay!” for a Nifflas game.I have to say,him keeping to this standart in different themed games really provides the player with a whole new experience each time.Even if you play all of Nifflas games one after another,you just can’t get tired of it.The art of fine craftsmanship!We have all these different themed planets,[The Dark planet with the deserted settlement was really great!]with their own gimmicks and atmosphere,along with some really nice little details that just add up to the awesome points in the game.I really liked the fact that Saira changes her outfit on various planets to fit with the different themes.It’s pretty sweet!

Actual gameplay consist of mainly solving puzzles or platforming.I did not enjoyed the platforming bits as much as I liked,due to the fact that the controls were not really that great.They did not felt comfortable.The platforming requires you to use a certain amount of momentum when it comes to climbing walls and jumping off them.There is also the fact that Saira tends to refuse to face the direction you tell her to,thus,not being able to grab onto walls and climbing them,which can screw you up in some parts of the game.You get used to the controls eventually,but even then,you still feel that weird feeling of “Lack of control”.Also,weirdly enough,most platforming parts of the game were pretty much time-based,which seems a bit weird.I don’t know.Something about time-based platforming with certain uncomfortable controls did not felt right…THE PUZZLES HOWEVER!They were really awesome!Clever and pretty original.My favourite thing in the whole game was just solving all the puzzles that were inside the various consoles.They just had a really great flavor to them.Then again,the other puzzles throughout the game were really well done too.If anything,I think the puzzle solving is the strongest point of this game.You even have this neat gimmick of having your own camera,which you can use to take photos of important clues that you find through the levels.Surprisingly enough,the potential usage of this gimmick is expanded as the game goes on,which further enhance the experience of this game.


You know what’s great?Being able to see all the different endings without having to replay the game.This is how Saira rewards you for finding all the items.What a kind game!Don’t get me wrong,this game is great!I just really hate doing a “Replay game for different ending” thing,ESPECIALLY if the game takes a long time to beat.

I really liked the bad ending where you get stuck on the planet with the zombie creatures.There is something really exciting about seeing people being stuck in a place with potential danger to their lives,without any means for them to get out.Hmm…

HMM…!Well,this one gets 8 out of 10.