RA Invasion [Part 5] – Grind harder!

grind harder

Pretty good weekend on RA. I got to play through a bunch of platformers, some of which were pretty great while others – not as much. In fact, not at all, honestly. An example for that is “The Flintstones” for the Game Boy by OCEAN! The only good thing that this game did right were the bosses, which were pretty decent in terms of variety and design. I really enjoyed the fight where you have to drug your boss with drinks and put him to sleep. The actual levels themselves are pretty bland and boring, to a certain extend some of them feel way longer than they should be. The length would not have been a problem if there was more to the repeatable hop and bop, litter it all with enemies, traps and pitfalls.

The game is at least pretty generous with its mini- games granting extra lives. It doesn’t go over the top with them at least, but it gives you enough to keep you going while making sure that you don’t make too many mistakes.

I would have added this game to the vault, but I wish to experiment a bit further with the invaders- clone mini – game that you can access on certain levels, if you have any coins in your disposal. Can you go over the top in terms of high score? Will it reset after level 99? How much does the difficulty pick up as the levels go? Those are very important questions that need a SERIOUS ANSWERS!

Disney Princess [Game Boy Advance]

Disney Princess GBA DONE!

Something that I did not expect from this game was to be offering an actual interactive variety of levels that would keep my interest for a while. I was wrong. The game has it all, from good times platforming action, not- so hard to learn mazes, house management and DDR to Little Mermaid 3 and Jasmine’s Assassin’s Creed. The game could have done better with some of the controls, but at least the hit detection is pretty alright. Disney Princess manages to create an atmosphere that perfectly represents both the beauty and harshness of the princess life. Hats off to the RA set for making this game even more challenging and FUN!

Kid Dracula [Game Boy]

Kid Dracula DONE!

I’m not big on the Castlevania games, in fact, I haven’t beaten any of them yet! This spin- off title for the Game Boy was pretty great and fun platformer though! I can’t believe I played something that got an actual laugh from me. A laugh from enjoying myself and having a good time. A laugh representing that I find something very entertaining and humorous. This game got it! The cast is so goofy and charming, I love it! The level design is well- made, with a good progress flow to it. The game can be a bit tough on some parts, but it’s nothing too complicated for one to get stuck on! Great and enjoyable boss fights, the mini- games are easy to play and they shower you with lives… Well, I don’t know about that one… I guess it’s an additional insurance that the designers put to ENSURE the “Good times” experience. I honestly can’t blame them for that…

I really like that the game makes use of every special ability that you get, even if some of them are necessary for only like… two areas in the whole game. You would think that if you get a power that lets you fly everywhere from the start of the game would be a tool that you can abuse easily, but no… The game is well- designed and the abilities are balanced good enough. Man, I really did had a blast with this one, didn’t i?…

I remember playing the NES version a while back, but I did not enjoy it for some reason. I wonder why? Maybe I should get back to it at some point in the near future?

Joe & Mac [Game Boy]

This is the port of “Joe & Mac” where charged attacks obliterate the bosses in no time and getting hit while moving or jumping can sent you flying uncontrollably like a ball from pinball. I don’t remember having those issues in other versions that I’ve played of this game. I also don’t remember enemies dropping exploding bombs. Who would go to such an extend as to implant explosives in cave men and dinosaurs? Were sexy cave babes worth it? Maybe. What do I know about the values of those ancient times? It’s also a video game for fuck’s sake! Of course sexy cave babes are worth it! That’s it, as long as you manage to get them! This game features all three different endings from the original Arcade game, but I am not sure as to how you access each of them. It’s not based on score as far as I know. I think it’s randomized, but it might have something to do with how many hits you take from the final boss, which is improbable, but who knows, really?

I also wanted to beat the high score, but that run ended up being a few hours grind for reaching a score that the game cannot record and instead uses glitched graphics to display. Was it a fun experience? Hell no! There is nothing fun in having to grind baby T-rexes for hours from the skeleton dinosaur boss. I made sure to bring the fire power all the way to it, as it makes short works of the babies, each of which is worth 1000 points.

I thought that I was done with the grind, but then I went to do the DuckTales 2 set for the NES, which was updated a long time ago. It’s a great set, except for the one achievement that makes you grind gold in the Niagara stage. Why would you make people grind in a game with a good flow to it? Why would you kill the overall enjoyment of the game for the sake of altering the gameplay in a very bland and bad way? If you compare it to the other achievements in the set, you’ll notice that they fit perfectly with the game’s design and spirit, while that one is just… flopped tuna over the birthday cake. At least you don’t have to grind all that LONG…

Super Mario Enigmatic – The over-year-old entry!!~///


No shame and no blame for being late.I was holding back on this for a long time, even though it was initially supposed to be the starting point for the whole “Junkbox” page fill-up. I was also planning on covering other world sets for “Super Mario Bros. X”, but I guess I just lost interest due to settling into other projects. Tho as stale as it is now, the idea might freshen up in the future, so who knows? Regardless, here we be with “Super Mario Enigmatic”…

I have to say, despite being so long ago, I remember having fun with it. I liked the idea of one-screen only levels in “Super Mario Enigmatic”, perhaps due to the simplistic gimmick, which comes along with pretty decently constructed levels. I am not a fan of vast expands , nor would I ever be. I am used to having little and making #]work[# of it for a good amount of time, which goes for video games as a whole too. This world set fulfills that quite well, what with its fairly escalating difficulty. Though I’ve gotta say, I really had problems only with the final boss and that one place with the moving platforms and weird momentum. All simply due to my lack on inexperience with the engine, rather than the game design. It’s something that people tend to not understand nowadays when it comes to the games of the videa in general.


“Super Mario Enigmatic” is fairly short in terms of length and it has a really well-made life farms that fills you up with all the juice in just a few seconds. A good choice if you wanna fill up a few hours of your free time. There is even a sequel which came a little while ago, so I guess it’s a good thing that I was late with this post, otherwise I would have not mention this spicy little something-something of an a information.

Lab.Room 19 is now all set!


“Home” page-tab has been removed.It was useless,since clicking on the header pretty much does the same job of sending you to the main page of LR19.I also needed additional space for the new LR19 “Junkbox” page-tab,where I’ll be posting and updating a list of hacks,mods and whatnot-related-videogames misc. stuff that I’ve finished.

Other pages have recieved various minor updates as well!

This blog feels rough and terrible all over,which means that it pleases me and I won’t be making any more changes to it whatsoever.Maybe a minor updates every now and then,but nothing too major.

At this point I am just gonna go for results.I am going to update my lists and work on my projects,until I eventually get tired of all this crap,which I assume will happen either next year or in twenty years.I don’t know!

Super Mario Bros. X – Super Mario Maker for Poor People!


But this is an ENGINE,not a real game!Despite that,I have my reasons for making a post about this and making it an actual entry for the vault.One being that I need a reason to start the new “Junk box” thing that I promised billion years ago.The other being is that I really like this engine as a whole and I think it deserves a place in my list.The last being is that I need an entry to finish the first volume!OH MAN 50 GAMES COMPLETED! [This should not be mentioned here butohwell.;]

To clarify,putting this in the category of being completed for me means that I’ve completed all the default worlds that come with the engine itself:

The Invasion

The Invasion 2

The Great Castle Adventure

The Princess Cliche


While these worlds did not strike me as being amazing,they were pretty fun and simple.I can say that they are a good starting point for someone who wants to get a feel for how the ingame mechanics work.

Super Murrio Bros. X – The engine that is killing the ol’ SMBW hacking and what could have possibly inspired the existance of SUPER MARIO MAKER as a whole.A silly theory perhaps,but I can’t shake the weird feeling that there is a bit of truth in it.That is if I measure “bit” as the mass of a giant meteorite!But who am I to say anything about it?Me?A person who still can’t finish “ALBION?” LAUGHABLE!

This engine combines all the platformy MARIOS the games and HMMMM SOUNDS FAMILIAR!Alright,enough picking on SMM… In all seriousness,this engine is pretty great!As I mentioned,it’s a mixture of all[?] the platforming Mario games,along with the addition of using various characters with different abilities.YOU CAN ALSO PLAY WITH THE ELF FROM LEGEND OF LOLO!It’s pretty amazing.There are also really cool powerups like the Ice Flower and the Tanooki suit and yeah.This engine has a lot to offer.There is also a co-op mode,editor where you can start making levels right away,you can edit your own graphics and…and…THERE IS A LOT YOU CAN DO,HOLY BANANA!

Making levels is pretty easy,wherein the advanced settings might require a person to spend a few hours to get in touch with them.Overall,there are no any actual limits as to what a person would like to create.given also the fact that there are other additional tools that can be used to further alter the engine.

But you know…YOU KNOW!Nothing in this world is perfect.This engine has a bad points as well.My personal being the delicate hitbox of the lava and the homing,flying koopas.The second one is just being me expressing my inability to handle various situations in this engine.There are also lots of presented bugs and whatnot,but you know…

…overall,for what it is,Super Mario Bros. X is pretty impressive tool.People are really creative with it and…well,people tend to be creative with everything in general.But it’s something that really makes me happy.You know,seeing something well made and saying with my inside voice…

…I hope we don’t get nuked soon…


Starry Knight – Potato knight on the case of…uh,something?

starry knight

Hey!Look at that!Another knight game!Isn’t that pretty magical?Maybe I should have set this volume to focus solely on knight games and nothing else…But you know,that’s a bit of an overkill and I do want my volumes to focus on different varieties.

Starry Knight – Puzzle game that revolves around physics!Shoot the short-fat-potato-knight across the screen with a giant sling,place objects to alter his path of flying,collect stars for a princess,reach said princess and give her the stars for god knows what reason.Well,for a knight of his stature and looks,it wouldn’t be surprising to see him do things like collecting stars,especially if it’s for a spoiled,high standards princess.They could also be a cure for cancer.I don’t know!Make your own story!Most people’s brains are capable enough at least for that…

It’s kinda unsettling to know that there are people who can’t even make their own simple,imaginary stories…

ANYWAYS!…The game has pretty nice graphics,lots of levels with quite a decent challenge to them,pretty enjoyable…um,music… In terms of variety,this game has its fair amount of share,by which I mean that there are about four or five items/obstacles that can interact with the launched potato knight.Trampolines,wooden walls,black holes,portals… All the junk you can find in a regular tool shed.

Starry knight DONE!

A pretty relaxing game.The gameplay is quite enjoyable and it doesn’t drag on for too long to a point where you can get bored of the game.[At least in general.]It’s not an amazing game,but I can’t see any actual bad points to it.

5.8 out of 10 should be quite enough for this game/.;’