LR19 Stream Schedule 2020

Yuame Burg

Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

Monday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Tuesday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Wednesday 6.00 AM – 12.00: Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Joruney

Thursday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Friday 6.00 AM – 2.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Saturday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Sunday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Apart from what I usually focus on, there is also the addition of the Omnistone Journey project. It’s a recent thing that I’ve been thinking about, regarding as to how I want to handle League of Legends as a whole.

The project goal would be to win as many ARAM mode games as possible, using the Omnistone keystone only. Along the way, this will also set additional things up for me in terms of obtaining all champions and potentially, a level 5 for each of them. I am not sure at this time if I want to do something with the level- up system. A goal of reaching level 1000 seems kinda nice…


Apart from the Omnistone Joruney streams, I am prone to end early the others if the goals for them are reached. For a time being, I am willing to settle for doing one site award for RA streams. As for the entry one, I would do so as long as I beat the game with all LR19 regulations being covered.



The Touhou volume? That sure exists alright! I mean, what better way to start it off than with a one hell of a banging, fan- made flash game? Just a little bit off- topic here – I think that the way I am going to handle this volume is by doing at least one official game, alongside four others, made by people of the shadow realm. While I did set the closing entry number for the volume to be at one hundred, that does not mean that there won’t be another Touhou volume somewhere in the future… I hope… After all, there is a whole lot of Touhou gamesoft out there…

“Marippy” is a decent “Mappy” clone, starring characters from Touhou Porject, namely Marisa as the main, playable character and Alice with her doll army as the opposing threat. The plot follows a short tale of Alice stealing Marisa’s personal belongings in order to satisfy her perverted fetishes, like owning a clean pair of bloomers – Truly, the most underrated fetish of all time!

This game is way easier than the original “Mappy” game! For one thing, it’s way shorter, with only eight levels in total. I think the controls are quite alright. I don’t know really how can you make a Mappy clone with bad controls, when the only keys that you use during the course of the game are Left, Right and an Action button. Then again, you never know what the future might have in store for you! One different thing regarding the gameplay, compared to the original, are the doors shooting projectiles, which you open and use to dispatch enemies. In the original, the projectile needs to travel and get into contact with the enemies. In “Marippy”. the doors shoot up an instant laser that clears everything on the floor in line. I don’t know if this makes things easier or not, but it definitely requires a different timing and consideration regarding the enemy positioning than the original.

Marippy DONE!

You can certainly breeze through the game in no time if you focus on just collecting the items, while ignoring the bonuses you get from collecting pairs. Well, I guess it’s fine to go for them in the early levels, given that the pace of the game starts off slow and easy. Earning additional points can net you a few extra lives that can be of quite some help when it comes to later stages, where the difficulty kicks in by quite a notch. I personally gave my body and soul to get almost all bonuses and I still could not surpass 100. 000 points. Is that even possible even if you collect all pairs? I’m pretty sure that it is, but honestly, I am quite satisfied with my current result as it is.

Signed with the quality seal: ” Single Afternoon Killer”.

LR19’s new volume and future project


The second volume is taking a bit too long, so I’ve decided to move on to the third one.It has been briefly announced not a long ago anyways, so I might as well start filling it with entries.With that, my current goal is to finish the rest of the second volume, do the third one and be done with the SNES side project.To be fair, I was thinking about giving up on the second volume’s theme and just fill the rest of it with random games, but I really wish to take my time and clear more of Matt Thorson’s titles. They are quite tough, but fun and well-crafted.Definitely worth my time, I think.  In the meantime, I’ll cover titles from Ben Yahtzee Croshaw. The reason why I choose him is because I’ve played most of his games before and I kinda’ want to add more games that I’ve cleared in the past to the vault.

After I’m done with these three volumes I’ll open up a special event.A gauntlet where I’ll try to clear randomly picked retro games, within’ a certain time period. One thing that might interest YOU, the reader: There will be rewards!I’ll be giving out video games for people via STEAM!Still, it’s an event that is way far into the future, but heads up! – Things could always change for one reason or another!


[Free talk] Over the years.The two sides of the Flare coin – I would hug you,but your teeth are rotting and they stink!How to write about good news in a post.///

flare's closet

I spent the late hours of this Friday night by reading some of my posts from my old[er] blog[s]/shhh! I needed to humor myself.Moreover,I was craving to see the actual changes between the person that I am now and the one I was back then.What I realized was that my old self lacked a good perception and more than anything – motivation.I wouldn’t say that video games had a huge influence regarding this,since they really moved my turnkey and pushed me to make my first actual game “Fisherman” and release it.True,it is still in need of some fixin’ and whatnot,but at least it feels like something that I’ve completed,at least partially in my life.Well,to be fair,League of legends had a huge deal in preventing me from actual progress regarding my “No-Kywln” project,but that can also be associated with the fact that I was madly in love with a really special girl,who was the sole reason for me to actually get back into the game.The first time we separated actually gave me a push to create “Fisherman”.The second however turned out worse than the first,but it still layed an egg called “Reverse”.


To be fair,I was also within’ a circle of people that never really did cared as a whole about my work or my own being,which felt really unpleasant,considering the fact that I choose to open myself as much as I can to them.Then again,nowadays people have moved to a point where their social interactions have really changed in terms of standarts and ideas.I am probably going to sound pretty negative by saying this,but some people really feel like robots or just wild animals,with a really bad case of perception in various situations.What really ticks me off is the fact that they even try to put it as a natural standart for this day and age,not considering the fact that this evolution result might not be all that great and acceptable as most might think it is.What I am trying to say is that I think I managed to forgot a crucial part about my actual persona,which was the reason for my recent breakdown after I left that circle.


I am never left without a backup plan though!Despite being holded back,I knew that at some point everything will crumble to dust.While not putting too much of an effort or actual work in my project for the last four years,I still did my best to find free time,experiment,practice and work on various aspects that I wanted to invest into.I talked to people,I swam inside their ideas and projects.I cheered the alive and scavanged the fallen.In time,I came to a point where my project already had enough material and resources to actually become something.I could no longer hold back,which led to the creation of this blog,along with the adoption of the No-Kywln project.This choice was pretty much my loud announcment of: “So long everything and everyone!I want to be who I actually am and I want ot do what I actually desire to.”To that I wish to also toss: “I want to be with people that I actually like and respect,rather than pity and cheer for their unreachable dreams.”


I did this months ago for “Harumin”.Thank you for all your support during my nervous breakdown!

I am going to end this post by saying that a person invested in my project and gave me a headstart for my current work,which is “No-Kywln: _ ” After I am actually done with that,I’ll go back and refix and finish “Fisherman” once and for all,along with the rest of my projects,for which I will toss a coin to decide their order in which I am going to work on.This blog will not lose it’s content,the vault will be filled and in time,this just might grow up into the best place I’ve ever created!