OneShot – But not really!


This game was requested many times by “camelpuncher”, a person who gets shot at least once a day, because that’s what living in a capital city is all about!

“I wish I could make a beautiful, unique and involving puzzle game on RPGMaker” – The spider in the corner of my room.

When I was first introduced to “OneShot”, I had weird expectations about the game. With its concept of having only one chance, one gameplay session, I thought it would try to be mean and send me over to the abyss of canned tuna, if I screw up at some point in the game. However, it turned out that the game is pretty generous about it, a bit too much for its own good perhaps. Getting the bad ending depends literally on you choosing to quit at any point, before you get to the end. Apart from that, the game also makes auto- saves and forces you to take brakes every now and then. It’s a one- shot type of deal where you can really take your time, but not really! Considering how short “OneShot” is, the player is unlikely to be in real need of a break between every ten to twenty minutes of a gameplay session. Given that we live in the era of busy machines, office parties and where everyone has some mental disorder, the job edition, there could always be a case of someone making use of those breaks – A true hardcore gamer who plays only for a bit each day, while investing the rest of their time into “actual” work. The word [actual] here can be understood in more ways than one!


In my opinion, if one is to make a short game, a good idea would be to work on making the game leave a strong impression on the player or having a decent replay value. With the way and idea this game was made, both of these are pretty much nonexistent. The game restricts itself for the sake of appearing unique, without the need to really do so. I notice the lack of commitment and dedication from the plot and the main character. So here we are, this is Niko, a cat person, but not really! Just because someone has the features of a cat creature, that does not necessary makes them related. You get to save a world by bringing a big light bulb to a place, but not really! The world is already dying due to other reasons and your quest won’t fix that – As acknowledge by the game itself via the words of a certain NPC. Now why is that? Did this game really need to try and appeal deep and whatnot itshowuwantittobe crap?  Maybe it was all experimental – After all, there is also a remastered version of the game on Steam, which supposedly covers most of the problems presented within’ the original release. Supposedly.

OneShot 1.1 DONE!

The art in the game is pretty great. Same goes for the music. They manage to create a pretty unique atmosphere, that fits well with the few location that you get to explore in the game. The character design is decent, but you usually meet characters once and off you go then. You are, after all, on a quest to save the world, but not really, as we just discussed. The puzzles are alright, but they are not all that difficult, mainly due to the fact that “there so much you can do” syndrome is presented. Watch out though! The game will break the fourth Chinese vase and try to make YOU part of the game, while installing many copies of “Earthworm Jim: The simulator” on your computer PC machine, without your permission! Your hidden bitcoin stashes might also be in danger!

4.7 out of 10!

Palette – It all started with an imaginary, memory detective


Long ago, long before the reign of dreaming Nikki, there was an old legend – one that gave birth to a new genre. A man called Nishida Yoshitaka stood up and yelled: “Screw turn- based battles! They are such a boring and annoying part in RPGs, compared to exploring and interacting with the overworld!” He then worked for seventy months and five hours and his hands shaped a creation – “Hello, amnesia Madotsuki!”–, also known as B.D. , the starring character in a game called “Palette”. The guy also made the game. Yes.

While it is unlikely that he actually said those words, the man showed a great example regarding how you can set a new horizons by striving away from the usual meta formulas. To a certain extend, I do also prefer overworld interactions more than the turn based battles – This dates way back to my childhood where I would play RPGs and be annoyed by the repetitive fights after a while. In addition to that – The various prolonged boss battles that tend to punish you via silly RNG elements or just because you forgot to stock on a certain item, failed to use a specific ability and so on and so on! However, there are still games where the developers managed to balance things up and put together even elements like that in a way the player would find enjoyable. That’s why I’m not completely discarding games with turn- based battles. Isn’t this the case for pretty much every genre as a whole?

Years ago, when I stumbled upon “Palette” for the first time, I remember not having any actual fun with the game. That wasn’t because there was anything wrong with the game itself, but mostly because I didn’t have the patience to let it show me its unique value. I blame the pressure from university and the succubus who taught me how to fly a kite! Anyways, I played “Palette” briefly, but even though I dropped it, I promised myself that I would one day come back to it and figure things out properly.

So here I am now with properly figured- out things! “Palette” is a game about a girl named B.D. who tries to retrieve her lost memories. As a whole, this sums up the whole game, but there are still additional details that enhance  the experience a bit further. Paying attention to the whole plot development can be a bit hard, but it’s a must if you wish to fully enjoy the game. The actual gameplay revolves around exploration and interacting with objects, which might sound like nothing new under the whale’s teeth, BUT…

…there is the additional aspect of restriction. You are limited at first when it comes to how much you can make B.D. explore and where to go. Rather than going all willy-nilly over the place, you actually need a bit of careful planning. When you run out of energy, the game resets back to your initial starting position, which as a whole, helps a lot when it comes to backtracking – a common aspect in the game! Of course, as one can expect, the more you progress in the game, the more your maximum energy level will increase. You’ll manage to travel further and uncover more places and objects and WIN THE GAME EVENTUALLY! Doesn’t that sound special and exciting?!?! I am acting like a total asshole, but that won’t change the fact that this game is pretty good and the author really managed to shape it up real nice. You have an energy level meter in the game.

Palette DONE!

I personally enjoyed the graphics and visuals in the game. RPGDenter87 is an old engine, but I am even older, thus, totally impressed by everything done with it! There is also the PS1 version, but that’s gonna be for another post, sometime in the future, where I’ll probably forget the fact that I once managed to eat a whole bottle of mustard on my own. Such is the cruel reality of the aging process.

I think “Palette” is a solid 8.8 out of 10 material. Please give me good feedback on my IGN profile so I can get money and release my “Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge” nude mode! Thank you!

[REVIVE] – Grapefruits!It’s always about the damn GRAPEFRUITS!


[REVIVE] is puzzle-platformer-flash game, where the main gimmick revolves around switching between two forms by constantly committing suicide or drowning in life-giving juice.You are a mutant-experiment-prisoner- person and you have to go through various levels, with the ultimate goal for freedom and obtaining billion grapefruits.While being alive your character gets all the benefits from being alive, thus not being able to go-through objects and being stuck with casual platforming skills of jumping and moving left or right.Dying turns you into a ghost, which lifts most restrictions in terms of movement, but it adds more when it comes to interactions.Switching between the two forms is a must if you wish to be able to navigate through most levels, as most puzzles just flat out require you to do so.You get to press switches,push boxes… it really can’t get more puzzling than this alright!


I think that the best quality of this game lies in the level design.Some rooms are just really well-though out and I have to give the game credit for the extra rooms especially.I think that’s just the basic formula for a good puzzle game overall.Stick to the gimmick, expand it further, focus on level design and it will be fine if the music and graphics are just alright.The music and graphics in [REVIVE] are just alright.There is also a plot which explains things, but it didn’t really catch on for me. I liked it though.Not bad, not at all. Grapefruits are grapefruits, due to the fact that they were supposed to be coins, but someone suggested to not be.That’s fresh! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

…and then there is the speedrun challenge, which I really LOVED, because this game really needed that.It really did!

A good candidate if one is to seek a puzzle game in [a] flash.Fair 6.6 out of 10 it shall receive!

Nunchuck Charlie – A Love Story – [-] Mixed feelings

Nunchuck Charlie

Here’s a game that showed a great potential in the early part of my playthrough.Nunchuck Charlie – A Love Story – is a game about a guy and his teddy bear.Thhhzzs bear gets kidnapped and you outta travel through some weird places and save him from a bird-queen-crown-bird-bird.The game starts out with you having to make a dish out of cucumber and coconut by chopping them with your nunchaku.That’s pretty great!The art is also pretty enjoyable!The cast is pretty interesting too!Man,I wonder what this game has in store for me further ahead?

…and then you just go around and you beat enemies.AMAZING!You also solve puzzles,which are pretty much “Hit that thing” or “Push that thing with your bare body”.It was pretty disappointing,I am not going to lie.I guess I am pretty disappointed in the game due to it’s low difficulty overall.Even the achievments are quite easy to obtain.I don’t know.I feel like this game had a potential flavor,but it was just not used…at least not in good way.[Good is defined as “How I wanted it to be”]


There is also a potential “New game plus”,where you get to //s#poilersspoilerspoilers\\\,but overall,it’s the same game all over again,if not even easier.That’s…yeah!No!No…

Then again,fans of the easy genre would love this game.You can also notice few neat touches in the game in terms of interact- SPOLERSPOILERSPOILER!!!

… and everyone is spoiling the new “Star Wars” movie.Talk about humans being themselves in this modern age of maturity!This is game related somehow,I DON’T KNOW!Here’s 5.2 out of 10.My mother loved it so it’s alright!

NightSky – A ball and its physics


“Hey!How about we play a physics-based video game?” – A line that would ultimately make pretty much anyone turn you down.After all,those type of games have never been all too hot of a topic since they were made and came out.Of course,we don’t count these ultra rare,maniacal people who have skills in physics-based games beyond any normal human understandings AND would murder anyone opposing the idea that these games are actually good.

So you have to go and be like: “Let’s play NightSky!It’s a good game,I swear!” The person you talk to jumps on the bait,gets hooked and until you know it,you’ll be able to hear: “Well,I am not a fan of games that revolve around physics,but this doesn’t look that bad…” Then they say that they’ll just go through the demo of the game.After that,they call you in a few days and start to brag about how they got the full game and they finished all the levels on all difficulties!NIGHTSKY IN A NUTSHELL!

Alright,I am gonna say it out straight… Having an actual control over the [Ball],along with a clear understanding of your objectives was a huge factor that left me with a really great impression for this game.I think that the combination between physics and puzzle platformer is a really great idea.I’ve never really experienced anything like it before and I’m not sure if there are similar games like this out there.I don’t think NightSky should be compared to standart physic-based games in first place,since the game feels way too off compared to them.By that I mean that there is a much more exciting gameplay and a relaxing atmosphere,which is nothing compared to most typical atmoshpheres in physic-based games that are either non-existant or made in way that would put you and your brain to sleep after a while.

This game has a really great amount of variety,which in terms of scaling,feels really well done.Because,lets be fair,nowadays games tend to just throw at you everything they have all over the place,leaving you with the idea that the feeling of being overhelmed with choices is an actual form of having fun.NightSky just follows an idea and manages to build itself around it as you progress further and further.Then you reach a “certain” level on stage three on the hard difficulty and you start to question all those good things you thought about the game.After a while you manage the beat the stage and you realize that you were just overthinking it too much and that 4.30 AM is a time where you should be in bed,resting.


I liked the difficulty curve between the normal and hard mode.It was really enjoyable to go through the levels once again and see how just a tiny change can make the player experience them in a whole new way.There are also segments where you float,don’t have any control to the ball and you have to PINBALL IT UP,as well as my favourite ones where you get to ride or fly various machines.[=Weird Happy Wheels vibes AHEM!=]It’s pretty magical!Add the awesome background art and the weird plot where you have to bring the Ball through all the levels to some guy,so it can fly out in the sky and explode to billion dust pieces,which may or may not be a potential factor for a disease that would cause a zombie apocalypse.

To me NightSky seemed like a game with a set up idea,which went wild all over the place,in a good way.And you know what?Wild games get wild scores like 9.5 out of 10!

Add to that the title of “Best physics-based game I’ve ever played in my life,potentially the only one as well!”

Great work Nifflas!