Free Fetus!

free fetus

From volume 327 of “True hell under the vast sea” called [ To wake up with your right sock missing!]:

My earliest memory of “True hell under the sea” was probably when I was in first grade. I remember that my grandmother gave me something that I had to bring to my mother at her workplace. While the whole travel distance takes between 5 to 10 minutes, I had to pass through a place with various ruined and desolated buildings, followed by a big park. However, this time it was different! A family of Gypsies had moved to one of the buildings. Their kids, three young boys – one around my age and the other two a bit older than me, where sitting on a bench, discussing god knows whatever crap. They didn’t saw me at first and I was honestly hoping that I could slip by unnoticed. Where I live, Gypsies are commonly associated with crimes, from simple thievery to rape and even murder. Age for them is but a nonexistent restriction for committing any of those! Things haven’t really changed on their end since back then… Anyways, a few seconds after I passed by them, the oldest one stood up and started walking towards me. A sudden surge of fear raced through my body. Looking at the boy’s visage, I could feel and tell that he was up to no good. My walking pace gradually became running. I was running towards my mother’s workplace through the park, with tears pouring down my cheeks. The Gypsy chased me down all the way to my destination! Even though I managed to outrun my pursuer and find a safe shelter, he still waited for me outside for more than half an hour! If there is one thing that I am really glad for is the fact that I wasn’t caught that day, otherwise who knows how that traumatic experience could have been further enhanced…

Covetous 1.1 DONE!

“Covetous” can barely be called an actual game! It tells a story of an undeveloped twin- fetus who resides in his…brother, ultimately making you help him eat its way out to freedom… or not! It’s a one- time hit really and even then, I was a bit disappointed from the finale. The game pretty much plays itself, wherein your contribution resides in playing flushed down version of a fetus- Pac – Man.

From volume 295 of “True hell under the vast sea” called [ Duh, who put the lights out?]:

“Fear is the first of many foes” – A wise champion character from a certain MOBA once said. Actually, he says it all the time, but this next thing happened before I even got into the whole lane wars trend. It was a month before my graduation from High School, before the [BIG] exams… I was walking down a street on my way to go and visit my poor, lonely grandma, who if anything, disliked late night visits, especially ones that occur after 9.00 PM. The weather that night was breezy, but overall, enjoyable. Armed with my phone, loaded with over 30 tracks, from anime and classic music, to random garbage that would cause a normal person’s ears to bleed, I noticed something in the distance in front of me. Three guys, casually walking and loudly blabbing. Since it was nighttime, I had quite some trouble recognizing them and besides, I had the tendency to not wear my glasses outside. One of them was a person with whom I had history back in grade school, wherein for no reason he crouched and fist-smacked me in my balls, no holding back whatsoever. He was also known among others for being violent, beating the crap out of people for his own amusement, young girls where gossiping about his tendency to intimidate young females and force them to perform oral sexual services in return for their own safety. Yes! This same person was about to cross paths with me yet again, with me being in quite the unfavorable position of one to three. The moment we came to cross paths, he jumped and screamed at me like an animal, followed by laughter from his own mouth and the ones of his comrades. He didn’t cared about my reaction, he only cared about the satisfaction of having no restrains and doing whatever the hell he wanted. On my end, I stood still and I said something of the sort of “What the hell is your problem?”, followed by me retaining my position and just starring in disapproval at them. A moment later, they have already taken their places to surround me and until the sudden surge of panic managed to wash over my mind, I already found myself lying on the ground, being kicked from all sides. My mouth was a gushing waterfall of blood, my jaw – a nightmare from beyond space and time. After a while, they got bored of kicking me and left. I stood up and proceed towards my grandma’s place. Upon arrival I was greeted with: “What happen? What did that horrible dentist did to you this time?!?” from her side. I had a horrible dentist back then…

There was a severe judgement coming from the local police station for my attackers afterwards, though unsatisfying from my own point of view. I retained a scar and acquired the knowledge to try and avoid being in an unfavorable position of a lonely, late- night traveler.

Free Icecream DONE!

If there is something in particular that I can say about “Free Ice Cream”, it would be that there isn’t any Ice Cream at all! In fact, you get to face various horrible things, from a butcher who can barely speak to having to kill a cat and watch it defecate all over the floor afterwards, along with the most horrible thing of all – Having to fix the electricity for your only escape – A stair elevator! Overall, this game is far away from the likes of “Samorost” in terms of pretty much everything, but it’s still fine to the extend of a single playthrough.

Avoid humans! Ignore humans! Hide from humans! Report to the local mini- market for any human sightings! HU –/ ll , – NS???


LR19’s “High School Kusoge” event results!!!


For twenty-six days I’ve been playing some of the “worst” games that were ever made.I was planning to cover over forty-five new titles.Fifteen of them were never even touched.Five were dropped due to various reasons, mostly because I could not run them on my machine.I managed to beat only seventeen titles from the rest and fail at the remaining eight.Overall, I’m quite happy with the results!I managed to clear the E.T. game and “Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon”, which were some of my main priorities for this event. I’m sad that I couldn’t find time for certain titles, like “Friday the 13th” for the NES, but what can I say – My life has been pretty busy lately.


The games that I managed to clear are:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Worst Game Ever
Dontrel Dolphin
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [Atari 2600]
Family Dog [SNES]
Felix the Cat 3 [NES]
Fighting Fruits
Link: The Faces of Evil [Philips CD-i]
Mario 4: Space Odyssey [Sega Genesis]
Revenge of the Sunfish
Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon [SNES]
Super Donkey Kong ’99 [Sega Genesis]
Super Maruo [NES]
Titanic 2005 [NES]
Titenic [NES]
Valis SD [Sega Genesis]
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon [Philips CD-i]


So there you have it! Tremble at the ending screens of these “horrible” creations!Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a great time! I certainly could have done better for this event, but hey! – There is always next year!

The Vault is open!That which lies within’ is now awake! – Flare spent 500 € on charity!

well then

…blah,blah,blah… …and then Hji opened the Vault and noises,blah,blah,..a scary thing and whatnot crap,whatever!

This is what I decided to do for the “Half-a-volume-done” thing tho.I haven’t done it before and I’ve never really thought about doing it as a whole.I am not that rich,but I decided to use some of my savings and give the opportuniy to someone else out there to be able to have a normal and enjoyable life.

I guess I’ve been really sceptical about charity in the past.People in the modern era tend to be pretty abusive and selfish,which made me think that overall,my money might not be used as I think they would be.And you know what?That still might be the case.Although I did recieve a “Thank you response”,along with other lines of excitement and gratitude,which were able to break up my suspicion quite a bit.I’ve never expected that they’ll ask me to leave contact details so those who get helped by my money can actually get in touch with me and thank me properly.It’s weird.I don’t know…

The whole experience made me really happy however!While my summer is bound to remain gloomy and boring,I’m sure that I’ve managed to at least provide someone else out there with an enjoyable and pleasant one…

… or not.Who knows? [Come on now…]

This post was supposed to done 6 days ago!

Yanderella – Devoting your life to stay a single and pure person is the way to go!


Requested by fluffybunbun!

This game felt really,really empty.Just the way I feel now,14 minutes since finishing it.This is probably the most unrewarding game I’ve ever played.I know that it’s supposed to be simple and short…but damn.

The plot just goes “all over the place”.It feels like things were just added and…that’s it.Lot’s of forcing.I don’t know.It’s terrible!There!I was honest!

There is no gameplay.No!You just hammer one single button and then you just pick the ending that you wish to see.It’s just…


3/10 – Stay virgins peepz!

/// Art was super neat tho!The work that was put in this game is overall amazing,but it’s a factor that would not make the game more than what it is.Still,it’s unique in its own way and I respect it for that.Just that.Yeah!…

Entity – This game should not have taken a hour of my life,but it did!

no pls no scawy

best score best waste of timeYou click on things to make them go away,you start the game without understanding the controls  overall and you die due to that lack of knowedge.Then you replay the game over and over,just so you can finally realize how dull you are due to the fact that the solution to most of your problems were THE FREAKIN’ CONTROLS.Then you fight the easiest boss in the world.Then you win.After that you ask yourself “What would have happend if I let the boss win?”.Then you replay the game again,only to find out that letting the boss win would “HAVE” lead to something pretty unpleasent.Thank god for quick-reacting [game over] screens!

Rated 5/10 on Lab.Room 19!