Toadette Strikes: Toad Strikes Back 2 – A Mere Example of the High Quality, Free Video Game Market, PC Eldritch God Race

toadette get down

What I like, is when free to play video games are of such high quality, that they make others, pay to game titles, look like complete garbage soup. There are lots of good, free games out there! “Toadette Strikes Back” is a title made by the same person who made “Psycho Waluigi” – Another very good, free to play game, that I covered in the past!

Nintendo’s cutie Toadette, gets her own fan- made game and it’s quite the feast for fans of the platforming genre! The author, Thunder Dragon, really knows how to bring us a quality product that managed to capture the style of magic of NIntendo, if not, with even more flavor to the recipe.

This is a pretty pretty game! The graphics are really nice and the controls are well done. Where it stands as your typical run and jump game, there is a lot more on the table, what with many gimmicks from classic Mario games enhancing the experience even further. You got the hammer weapon, the fire flower, the Yoshi, the Homing Pigeon, the Armageddon! Over 100 classic weapons, some of which are not even in the game!

The level design is really good! In addition, there are collectable medals in each level, that will provoke your exploration desires for sure! Levels are not too long or short, but just of the right length. This makes exploring and overall progress fly by,which keeps the player interested. Save feature is also available if you need to throw out the trash or lie down for a bit and rethink your recent life choices.

Toadette Strikes DONE!

Regarding difficulty, this game is pretty generous. For veterans, “Hard” is more or less of essence for a good time. As for the whole difficulty progress scaling, it’s done well enough! You are bound to have some trouble towards the end, but nothing too special to talk about over the phone with your mother. The bosses are pretty neat and challenging! Aiming for full completion of the game is kind of a must, if one wishes to experience all the great extra levels and the secret boss fight at the end! Level variety is pretty good! Just like in “Psycho Waluigi”, each one always adds something new and interesting to the gameplay experience!

If you are a fan of “Super Mario Bros 2 Doki Doki Popcorn Aquila”, this game is like a reimagination – sequel. Some levels from SMB2 do make an appearance, with some tweaks and changes here and there. There’s more to this, but I’ll leave it there! The music is great and the plot is pretty fancy and charming, the comfy edition.

It may seem that I do not say much about this game. Truth to be told, this title is pretty straightforward and there isn’t anything to complain about, really. I did find some glitches though…

… in the glitch level. THANK YOU! You were a great audience tonight! 9.8 out of 10 Toadette!!!

The New Adventures of Zak McKracken – Long ago, there was a leather jacket…


…and I never really knew about the existence of adventure games until the start of the new millennium.I never grew up with classic Sierra games or the early “Monkey Island” games or whatever crap there was back in the 90s.The first adventure game that I was introduced to via a PC- Games magazine was “Escape From Monkey Island”. The magazine even had a demo disk of the game.Long story short, I was pretty impressed by the graphics and the gameplay felt quite unique, which was a pretty normal reaction coming from a person who grew up mainly with NES action platformers.I guess the china men of many bootleg titles never saw any potential with importing NES adventure games , given the fact that they would not really appeal to kids, since they would require a proper translation, which is a big no-no in the world of making easy money by using no amount of actual work.


A few years later I got another PC- Games magazine that had an article about other adventure games, like “King’s Quest” and “Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders”. Sadly, none of those titles were on the disk that came with the magazine, but instead, there was another, full game, made by fans: “The New Adventures of Zak McKracken”. Back then I didn’t knew the game was made by fans, so I assumed it was an official work and an actual sequel to the original game.Also, the game was entirely in German, so I couldn’t progress at all.Imagine a 10 years old kid trying to solve a new type of video game in a language he didn’t understand at all! That was me, and my brother was of no help whatsoever too! Our biggest goal was to just leave the apartment and see what’s outside.I don’t know how, but we never managed to accomplish that!

So even more years later, I got the game yet again, but this time there was an English translation.I even had experience with other adventure games by that time.Here’s my opinion about this game as a whole in one sentence: “Hiding key items in tiny places within’ a huge background is not fun!” As for the rest of the puzzles, they felt overall average. Everything else is quite fine in terms of graphics and music, and I like the various references to things from the ages past.[ I used to spent a lot of time with Zak’s tv that had Star Wars music and shit-quality slideshow of episode IV.] I got to play the first game later after, but I never had the time to play through it, cuz of school projects and whatnot.I would say tho, Zak McKracken’s universe is pretty great.The fangame itself might not be as good as the original or other fan titles, but if anything, it has quite the place in my own history with adventure games.

No score was given.

Life of D. Duck II – Ecologically friendly and lawful evil!

life of 2

By sacrificing porridge investment,for the sake of longer playtime,much more involving puzzles and a really neat music,”Life of D. Duck” gets a sequel in the form of “Life of D. Duck II”!Here’s a rare sight – I typically don’t talk about the music in video games,unless they manage to hit the right spot for me.”Life of D. Duck II” does that quite well.While the music in the first game was neat and alright,the one in the sequel can get pretty catchy,to the pont of getting addictive as well.[Shout out to “Uncle Jubalon’s theme!]

“Life of D. Duck II” keeps the charm and flavor from the first one,while providing even more puzzles in terms of quality and quantity.It’s not like the puzzles get any more difficult,it’s just that their numbers goes up,as well as the quality of their formulas.[As long as you follow the path of a basic logic///cough,cough,you shud be fine!]You even get a list for your progress,which I found to be a pretty neat addition!In terms of playtime,the first game took me around 30 minutes,while this one however,I end up sitting on for around four hours and so.

Life of D. Duck II DONE!

You know,this  entry is a pretty good example of how sequels should be made!Keep the good flavor,take the good parts from the previous one and just add and improve what it lacked.[I am not a big fan of “Lets just remade everything thing formula…]It’s fine if we sacrifice the porridge for it…IT REALLY IS!Some of you might not agree with that,some might even start a riot about what is a healthy food and how we can protect our dying planet – and honestly,it’s fine!You get to experience that in the game in,I STRONGLY hope, [un]ironic way.You also get to meet more new classic D. Duck character,like cousin Anton and #Harry Hlopdusk#!Overall,you are up for some good times!

Now that I think about it,I guess I’m enjoying this game mainly due to its obscure nature,music and the fact that involves parodied Disney characters.After all,my 90s childhood was spent quite a lot on those,mainly on Donald Duck.[I didn’t liked the Mouse,but don’t tell nobody!I am a sucker for a loser characters!I don’t really like Anime,but keep that a secret as well!’]

I am giving this AGS game an 8 out of 10 and all the porridge in the world can’t stop me from doing so!

— [If I had to make a top 10 AG titles,I would gladly put this one of the list…. –