·きのこの森の少女 – Beware of the woodland fiery shrimp!

girl mushroom woods

There is not much to say about this title, given that I’ve already made a fantastic video that covers all its essential bits in terms of gameplay, sound, graphics, plot, character design and whatnot. In addition,there is also a dedicated description in the video that provides further insight regarding the high quality of the product!

I’m just really sad that such a great video game wasn’t received well during its initial release… True, not everyone can read Japanese or be a fan of the blue – colored main menu… But if only people waited for that crucial [1.2] version update, they would have been completely overwhelmed by the new ENGLISH interface, along with the stylized, mushroom- brown background.- [/As seen in the video/]/ Of course, let us not forget about the Girl’s unique spin move, which gives her the sort of personality that you see rarely in characters from video games nowadays!… – Another new addition that can only be seen in version 1.2!

Alas, the judgement of humanity tends to be rushed, usually missing on the most important of details – Those of pure heart become prisoners, while the real culprits still walk among us, still tormenting us with the impossible art of star- riding…

The Legend of Princess – FAQ: #1: How to find the “Dirt Temple”? – Well you see, back when I was in high school… 1/589

princess legend

“The Legend of Princess” is supposed to be a parody game of a [certain] series, by Joakim Sandberg. The joke about it lies in the overall fact that nowadays you can take on a product that was shoved into people’s mouths for decades by a “really” important company, but make it way better in many aspects. Sometimes you’ve gotta watch it though, as a certain results may exceed the quality of the original product, leading to what we call a “Lonely Barbeque Party”. You should know when to turn the volume down, less you want to grab the attention of your whiny and jealous neighbours, who would call the police on your ass instantly! You don’t want that to happen, do you? DO YOU?

“The Legend of Princess” is quite the take when it comes to the platforming genre of said [certain] parodied series. It’s colorful and graphically pretty impressive, well animated and fairly entertaining for how short in terms of length it is. While you do get to explore only the classic “Dirt Temple” which is composed merely of a several rooms, the whole short experience is way worth your time. What with the responsive controls and being able to customize your equipment before the start of the game, with items varying from boring to awkward to use, this game really holds it up! The puzzles and the platforming sections felt pretty basic and a bit unsatisfying, but the boss battles really managed to fill up the holes. A mixture of puzzle and a drop of action, packed with a hue of pretty. That’s this game in a nutshell!

Legend of Princess DONE!

I mean, if you are a fan of [those] series, you are bound to have some good times, given how close this game parody tries to stay to the original, what with the characters, items and whatnot. Whether you decide to play it for some casual fun, high score or for the intention of an UNIQUE speedrun, 20 to 30 minutes of your life would be spent worthwhile. Hell, you might even want to play through the game with all the different item combinations! Short games with a decent variety, now that’s my JAM!

I personally give this an 8 out of 10!

Astérix: Mega- Madness – Gaul party of one


The Astérix comic books were some of my first readings, ever since I learned how to read at the age of three. I remember the panels being really detailed and well- drawn, with the dialogue being interesting and amusing in general. The mania over the series further extended over buying stickers, toys and of course, renting VHS movie tapes. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my child needs! I knew that popular franchises tend to get their own video games as well, but apart from a rumor about an actual NES game, I’ve never heard of, seen or played an Astérix video game until the year of 2002.

“Astérix: Mega-Madness” was a game that my brother got me for our PC back then. That was though, after we saw and play the game itself in a PC- club. Since it was only on a single PC machine, it was a rare opportunity for us to be able to play it. At the PC club, I would usually leave my brother to play for the most part, with me either idly watching or helping him by pressing certain buttons every now and then. At home however, I had the whole game to myself. This probably had something to do with the fact that my brother didn’t like spending as much time inside our home as I used to.

The game really managed to impress me, what with its “glorious” 3D graphics, animation and of course, fair variety of playable characters and the fact that you get to bash boars, Romans and do many, many other classic things related to the series. It was an unusual, fun, party game, solely played by me. We didn’t really knew how to set the game to be played by more people, but it’s not like my brother or my friends were into it as a whole, really. It was just me, gradually learning how each of the mini- games work, until the third day when I beat the main story mode and saw the ending. The game is pretty short and easy to learn, honestly! Moreover, the process of doing so is really fun! Even after you master it, you are bound to still have fun with it, should you decide to replay it. The replay value is pretty good! I guess it’s due to the fact that the game is pretty initiative in terms of gameplay, offering a good variety of things to do, none of which will bore you to death! It’s a packed- action all over the floor, where are my raven- black raisin’s ?

Asterix Mega Madness

My recent revisit of the game let me enjoy it once more, but this time with the animated cutscenes and in- game music playing! Something which never occurred back on our older machines. Apart from that, there isn’t much more to say! The game is still as fun as it used to be. As someone who grew up with the PC, I guess this was my form of unique Mario party, only with less bullshit.

8.6 out of 10 !!!

Celeste [PICO-8] One afternoon! Before work! Lunch!


“Celeste” is a game for the fantasy league machine [Boku no PICO-8]. It’s made by Matt Thorson and friends. You might remember OR know Matt as a person who also made lots of other good games through the years, mainly platformers, mainly games that I still haven’t finished after all this time! Bad pick for a dedicated video game volume? YOU JUST WAIT, YyyyOUUUUUU…

“Celeste” is your typical Matt-like platformer video game, where the first few levels will more or less introduce you to what tools and gimmicks have been rehashed from the author’s previous works. Like air dashing, but now with a cute, mountain- climbing , red-heady girl. Or like, bumpers, which is a dumb substitute for saying trampolines. Also strawberry picking, which was obviously stolen from “Age of Empires II”, even though the bushes there are of berry very nature. Am I being mean here? Should I really spurt out “rehash”, when the guy’s clearly stuck on his own personal formula for success? THAT’S RIGHT!

You just need one afternoon to clear the game and you’ll be satisfied with the results!

Celeste PICO-8 DONE!

Indeed, this game does not disappoint when it comes to level design, cuz hey it’s Matt-matt. Not only that, but this is just the salad! The main course is ’bout to come as a-sequel-something, which I would love to try out at some point once it has been released. It looked pretty great, I liked it, people liked it , so we are good. As long as it doesn’t have its own ladder of poor speedrunners, too good to afford a decent haircut. PLEASE!

That being said, this game is a solid 7.7 out of 10. Hooray for free strawberries!

Cedric and the Revolution – Featuring : More goddam’ elves that are probably going to overtake this site,UNLESS…! [?]


Good evening and welcome to the late night LR19 show, where I write about video games from the past and present, but mainly from the past. “Cedric and the Revolution” is an adventure game, starring an elf blacksmith and his apprentice, who are on their quest to fight against high taxes, caused by “a” king’s clumsy nature regarding DEMON POSSESSION evasion. While it’s no surprise that one on such position would be a natural target, we could question such act, given the status, resources and overall power that “a” king would have. Then again, for all we know, high-ups tend to be pretty eccentric and pickers of rather unusual hobbies. Is it because of boredom or the overwhelming weight of the crown? STAY TUNED AFTER OUR SHORT COFFEE BREAK!

[If you don’t drink at least one cup of coffee, the text bellow would most likely be restricted from viewing!]

This game is rather short, mainly composed of two parts – Town Square and Inside the Castle. The initial first part is quite easy and gives you enough time so you can get used to the interface. The puzzles are easy to follow and you are bound to eventually find yourself within’ the second part, sooner or later. While the second part is a bit tougher and requires more sweet meat to clean it up, adventure game veterans would have little to no trouble. For all I remember, back in the days, me and a friend of mine used to toss this game around all the time, until we figured the part with the candles, which I think is the one puzzle- factor that decides heavily on you being stuck or not.

Cedrevolution DONE!

It’s not like this game does anything new with the genre. What you would see and do, you’ve probably done so in other adventure games as well, already. By no means this puts the game in a bad spot, no! This is a pretty clean title, with enjoyable graphics, sound and dialogue. If I am to critique this game for something that I didn’t enjoy, it would have probably been the fact that the first part and the second part feel pretty similar in terms of gameplay. Three is the favored number by this game, so expect your main tasks to revolve around that, one way, straightforward.

Honest elven 6.8 out of 10 for this old class’ from the pas’.