Super Gears N Gators – [⚙️ = 💔 ]


Struck by the Gear’s teeth the Gator recalls their most intimate memories.

The intense pain caused by the sharp, rusty metal transports them far away to the places of their memory.

They remember the delicious taste of home- made pizza served for lunch by their mother.

They remember the feeling of being rejected by the first girl they had a crush on.

They remember the early mornings where a cat would always climb over a nearby cherry tree.

And they recall at last, the sound of plead echoing in the night, as their body squirmed under the heavy assault of the acid rain.

Then finally their body respawns again…



MoneySeize – …and the 1010 golden coins!


You know what they say!Even if you seize the money, you won’t be able to buy love with them!That’s why you buy yourself a top hat, the most symbolistic of all items when it comes to portraying love-depression, hate for the rain and gentle invitation towards the birds,offering a potential nesting spot.Then you are free to ramble about how the game “MoneySeize” should have been a “Jumper 2” sequel, since you have a secret hate for the third “Jumper” game of the series.Sadly,this is not the place or the time for that rambling to take on or roll into some stupid conclusion,as this is the post where I express my honest opinion about the game “MoneySeize”.

THIS IS JUST LIKE JUMPER!I mean,you have your jump,double jump,wall jump,skid jump,jump jump and duckling.The most classic of all the “Jumper’s” jumps and ducks.Sadly,you are not Ogmo,but a simple/rich/ man with a costume and a top hat, who craves for coins and building tall structures.You got the platforming levels with platforming gimmicks and collectables and there you go!You have a game with 50 levels that you can play for days!Maybe even a month!Year as well!It all depends on your own experience and mindset,what of the learning curve of this game being able to escalate decently?WHAT ABOUT IT?——————-

The main thing that I really like about this game is the level select hub.As you collect more and more coins, [The main objective of the game/] a building in the center of the hub will erect. providing you with access to further levels the higher it goes.Coins are usually scattered through the levels, either flyin’ in once place on thin’ air or hiding in blocks or creatures,which you will need to eradicate in order for the coins to be obtained.There are also nesting birds in three different colors, which pretty much represent a set challenges for the levels.Time trail,no double jump or don’t kill an enemy – Completing the task will let you kill the bird,which usually rewards you with lots of coins.Apart from that,the levels are usually set with different gimmicks, like crumbly blocks,trampolinininies,cannons and other whatnot classy Matt Thorson implements.Now,given all the resources that the game has,I think that the level design is really well done!Each level has a different feeling to it than the rest.As far as the difficulty of the game goes, I would say that it’s moderately hard.While most levels might seem really hard or even impossible from first glance,there is usually a set path that you need to go through,which involves mastering the various kinds of jumps in the game.The difficulty curve of the game is quite pleasant.The game starts out with a set of levels, which gives the player enough time to prepare for what lies ahead and get used to the controls.

MoneySeize DONE!

This game lacks quite a lot in terms of level theme.For it’s entirety,you’ll be stuck in grass land-grass land,blue sky zone.The ending for getting all the coins in the game also felt a bit unsatisfying.Honestly,I would have preffered a dance from the main character rather than the butter statue of him on top of the building,but that’s just Me.I don’t think there were any frustrating parts in the game.Maybe I got used to the Matt’s formula,I don’t know.The secret levels were fun to search to and play.There isn’t an actual plot in the game.Honestly, the gameplay and the level design adds enough flavor to this game.I had legit fun and I am willing to give “MoneySeize” a well earned 7.6 out of 10.

I actually tried to beat the game years ago,but I gave up due to the simple fact that I was interested in other titles.Turns out I missed on quite the fun.Oh well!

Lab.Room 19 Non-Xmas,Winter NES event 2015-2016 something!

nes event

Here we go!The event I was planning and looking forward to for quite a while!Starting from 22nd of December ,till January the 7th I’ll be playing NES games and completing them,potentially putting them into the vault as well.Bootleg or not,It all goes in,whatever I manage to get my hands on.NO MERCY!Still following the current formula of no streaming and just accepting Skype calls.What can I say?It’s much easier for a time being,by which I mean until I get a more decent machine to run things on.

Aiming for no less than 50 entries,which means that I’ll be doing at least 5 games per day.POTENTIALLY,if things go well,I might aim for 100.If I feel like I’m on fire I might go for more.We’ll see.