1bitHeart – In a not so distant future,where silly sounds are being made by the everyday people we meet and say “Hey”


“Is this going to be one of [those] games?” That was my expression upon my first impression of the game,by which I mean [Me] looking at a certain screenshot from it.So in five minutes,more or less,I was already at it,gently declining the additional help that the game has offered me at the start. / /  /   /

So it’s a game where we get to go around and solve cases by talking,all and all while we improve our social status by making FRIENDS!The game is plot heavy and the actual gameplay is quite insignificant.Despite the fact that you reject the additional help offered at the start,the game still makes sure to give you hints as to what choices to pick and how to solve the various cases.The potential of losing HP by making a wrong choice and actually getting to the GAME OVER screen is pretty much presented at the first chapter of the game.Once your HP starts to increase due to the number of friends you make,it’s pretty much impossible to lose.In addition,you can also lose HP when you fight [viruses],where you have to input a shown combination of keys and any wrong input would harm you.There is no time limit tho,so you can pretty much take your time with it,which is…uh…yeah.There is no really challenge to it.

Making friends with all characters over the town is more of an extra content.You are not required to actually do so and reaching the various endings of the game pretty much requires you to make only a few friends.The whole procedure of making friends is quite simple,where you have to just give them different items,which you get to buy from the main character’s PC.Now,the way you earn money to buy those items seemed really off to me.You need to play minigames [Tetris/Puyo Puyo],but if you go to the downward right corner of the room where you do the item shopping/minigames,you get an event which pretty much caps your money.I don’t know.Maybe some people wouldn’t find it?To me it seemed like a pretty easy thing to find,which pretty much removes the whole idea behind the minigames to be played at all.I don’t know…


I guess the fact that this game didn’t appeal to me was due to my own prefrences.I didn’t really liked the fact that every character felt different and overdesigned,what with different personalities and whatnot.[Overdesigned might be a bit strong here.]I did liked the various silly refrences towards certain characters from certain shows.The extra chapter that you unlock by making friends with everyone was pretty nice and I enjoyed it.I didn’t liked the music in the game.There were places where I felt that the tracks didn’t fit at all.It’s like the author just put them there out of own personal taste.There is also voice acting,which is a nice thing to spice the game a bit,but it didn’t appeal to me at all,except for all the silly sounds that the characters tend to make every now and then.

It’s a-ok game.6.1 out of 10.

Plot felt rough,unpolished,with various forced scenes.For a game like this it’s quite A THING,I guess.Well…uh…yeah.Miumi is a weeb.