177 – Special Valentine’s day event! How cuddling and hand – holding saved the life of my pet fly Humphrey!


How could I even say “Yes” to her? She might have stared at me in disapproval with her chestnut-brown dark eyes, but it was me who was truly disappointed! If she is unwilling to travel to the center of the Earth to find my corpse and mourn about my death, I am not really expecting her to fight the giant cyborg-monster later either! I mean, come on! “They” put a lot of effort into stealing and using my brain to bring that pile of garbage into motion! Then again, it’s just easier for her to close both eyes, sigh and go home! That won’t solve anything though! If anything, she is bound to keep her title of being an old lady that nobody likes, let alone LOVE! What awaits her within’ the burning depths of her hellish home is just more dirty underwear all over the place and week old popcorn,scattered like a pack of sheep on the floor.EXTRA BUTTER!

Her cat is not even going to come and greet her! The cat is death. It killed itself because it hated “her” so much! It was to be expected, as suicide cases tend go in high numbers around people who can’t acquire all 200′ “chests”. Yes! That’s right! You go and look at yourself in the mirror! Who can admire those disgusting slabs of meat-flesh, mainly your “Adventure Island” pair of eggplants?! If you think that you have a sexy legs and a nice ass, then I have news for you! You are absolutely right! But one can see just as much at the stare of the vile Medusa! “Hello, Medusa? I’m sorry about earlier… How about a cup of coffee and some “Jason X” tonight?” is what she thought I would say. And I did.


There is a hook and bait for every fish and fish for every bait and hook. The reason why you are alone on Valentine’s day is because you value the life of every fish and you would rather let them back in the water. I won’t though! They might drown!!!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

‘[Value and quantity]’ / ‘[The Lab.Room 19’s characters]’ / 200 Video Games completed post-post special!

IMG_2244[1]Well,that was fast!I was honestly expecting to reach this number around the next upcoming year,but the recent pile up on NES titles really changed that point of expectation.Then again,as far as the games within’ the vault go,most of them tend to be on the easy side of difficulty,at least in my point of view.I’ve seen people struggling with titles that I consider easy and breezing through those that I had hard time with.Well,people are different,as well as their skill cap regarding various types of games.If I have to consider myself as good at a certain type,I would say that I do pretty well when it comes to platformers,simply due to my long-time experience with the genre.On the other hand,I tend to avoid RPGs, simply due to the fact that they take a lot of time and I usually get bored of them pretty quickly.[I lack the patience for grinding and dungeon crawing..]It’s weird how my all time favourite game “Neverwinter Nights” is within’ that categoty though… [Maybe I like it due to the less grindy’ nature and that fact that it’s more action  and story based.I also love reading a lot.]

I do prefer finishing games with greater value,rather than just pile up on one-breathers.There are times however,when I feel tired and just not in a mood and those are usually the times when I tend to end up playing utter,no-brainer crap.

I guess it’s fine,given the fact that my goal is to beat as much video games as I can.Maybe as the time goes on,the vault will become more impressive bit-by-bit.Rushing things up would just make things harder for myself.


Around one year ago, I was really happy about turning this place into an actual something-something,rather than making it my new shithole.The idea of searching through time and space for new and old videogames for me to play and write about was exciting!So exciting, I decided to come up with characters [Mascots] for Lab. Room 19 and turn the whole thing into an actual project.That’s what lead me to come up with the main figure for the LR19, “Hji”.The name actually comes from a random input during the save of an early concept art for him.The design for the character itself came from a hentai game that I played,which I am probably not going to reveal,simply due to the fact that it doesn’t really matter whatsoever.[The game lets you build and customize characters and Hji’s design is based on a build that I used in the game.] Once I was done, I came up with the story of him being from a long-extinct race that used to travel through dimensions.The race sets up a laboratory located within’ a border between certain dimensions, but due to various reasons,they abandon it along with a child Hji’s inside.From that point on,he thrives by himself,while dealing with various situations and characters,mainly revolving around video games.[Mainly!]{The actual LR19 takes after his teenage period.}The main appeal that I picked for him was that of having similar appeal to the Japanese folklore creature “Tanuki”.Hji is able to take the appearance of characters from video games that he managed to finish.[In other words,the ones that I managed to.] He doesn’t consume actual food,but rather,the essence of the leafs that he puts on his head.[Mainly within’ his headphones.] As for the outfits,he usually wears a lab. coat with a red undershirt, but I tried coming up with other alternatives as well, like the rubber-skeleton-costume that appeared at the first LR19 Halloween event.

Along the way,I made other characters,so Hji won’t feel lonely.Tea#band is a ghastly creature who protects the Lab’s vault.He also has a tomato on his head.[;aumh is a cyclops, goo-boy that resembles a mutated egg due to an accident in the Lab.He is really fond of terrible video games.Kin[A]-TR1751 – Hji’s rival in terms of board games [And other stuff.] – She is an android with an uncertain past.An/n” is a girl that Hji brought from an old video game into the real world.Her existence is unstable and she tends to phase out of it and back again quite often,usually erasing the memories of her that people had.Each character’s persona is based on a certain aspect that I possess.Hji is unmotivated,lazy and pretty emotionless.Tea#band tends to be a big jerk and usually yells at others and insult them regarding their value.He deeply cares about lots of things overall.[;aumh is cheerful,positive and highly ironic towards most things. Kin[A]-TR1751 has trouble being open and expressing her feelings.She gets angry easily and tends to get jealous of others.An/n” is clingy,kind hearted and overprotective.She gets creepy and horrific due to her unstable existence or if she gets upset.

Overall, the design and actual lore is pretty rough, since I haven’t given it much of a tought really.Maybe in the not-so-distant future I’ll expand this further and make something out of it.Until then,feel free to ask anything about it or if you feel like it,contribute in some way.EVERYONE’S AN ARTIST!EVERYONE CAN MAKE GREAT!

Also,thanks to that one person who drew a concept art for [;aumh . While it doesn’t fit with my view on his actual appearance,I enjoyed the result:

early concept ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

another early concept

This is one way to share a crappy OC with people!

Being harsh on myself for no reason won’t add to the appeal!

Words are being written on this post!

The “I’ve finished 100 NES titles” special,AKA “Once upon a time,here – Look at my junk from the past!”

…and what better way to celebrate a silly event,than post one heck of a pile o’text!To be honest,I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time and I guess now is a pretty good time to do so…

I’ve never had any experience or contact with video games until the age of four.I was taught how to read at the age of three and most of my attention was focused around books and magazines.At the age of four,which was in 1996,I was introduced to video games with a device which everyone called “Tetris”.It was a small,handheld device with few games on it – “Tetris”,”Snake”,”Tanks”, “Racing”,”Frogger”,”Arkanoid” and whatnot.There were various models of that device and each contained certain games from that list.The graphics were simple – Pixelated,black on white screen.Similar to the Atari 2600,if not even more simple!I remember playing on it quite a bit,but not too much,as the games there were not all that exciting for me.I remember that we used to turn the sound off,since it was really annoying and it drained the batteries pretty quickly!I think I had a total of three of those devices,with only one surviving to this day and age.The others – Lost in time and space…

…of course,it was manifactured by the chinese quinks!

After that,my next real experience was at a game center/club in our city,where they had various arcade games.Sadly,I was too short back then and I couldn’t see or reach anything… My brother didn’t allow me to get too close to the machines or touch them,let alone try to play on them… At the age of six,my parents took me and my brother to a game center at a neighbour city,where we played bowling and on some of the arcade machines.I remember playing a game where I had to shoot at soldiers with a gun,but everything was really chaotic and I couldn’t understand anything.I think that I also panicked,since my whole family was around me,yelling at me and the game.What I remember from that arcade game was that there was a guy with a shield who threw grenades at me,so I had to to time my shots and get him when his guard was down.At the same time I had to shoot the grenades while they were flying at me and…there were also other enemies and yeah…

…I was not experienced enough to deal with that game…

Years later,when I was in second grade,during one of our school trips,we went to that game center again.I remember playing “Metal Slug” back then AND I also remember how someone stole and put all of my coins in some fighting game that I really didn’t liked… To be fair,from all the games there,only “Metal Slug” grabbed my attention.Surprisingly,no-one else cared about it,so I had the game all for myself…

At the age of eight to ten,I was briefly introduced to PC games as well.We had lots of clubs and me and my brother spent quite some time there,playing games like “Age of Empires”,”Star Craft”,”Half-Life”,”Heroes of Might and Magic III” and many more.Around that time my parents bought me my first PC,where I spent a lot of time playing games like “Diablo II”,”Heroes of Might and Magic III-IV”,’Warcraft III”,”Age of Empires I-II”,”Quacke II”,”Serious Sam: The First and Second Encounter”… I played shitton of games on my PC,but lets not go too far into it…Maybe some other time…

The real deal during my period from age five to age ten was the Famiclone.Now,what’s even more weird is that my first experience with the NES brand was with the original device,which my cousins bought and showed me when I was about to become five years old.What I remember from that time is that me and my brother went to their house to watch them play.I had no idea what was going on the screen,but it looked really fun.They were of course,playing “Super Mario Bros.”.I don’t know what happend to their NES later on,but they gave us their controllers for some reason.

I loved to push the buttons and pretend that something was happening.OH, CHILDHOOD!

Then,two months after I reached the age of five,my mother called in one day,saying that she and my brother were going to pick me up from my grandma [I lived at my grandma until the age of seven.] and we were gonna go and buy “NES”.

Ultimately,it end up being a Famiclone!To this day and age,its still intact,my 19  years old Famiclone… “TERMINATOR 2”!

The day we bought it,we played things like “Duck Hunt”,”Super Mario Bros.”,”Dr.Mario”,”Wild Gunman”,”Hogan’s Alley”,”Galaxian”,”Legend of Kage”… That’s all I can remember.It was a really special moment in my life and…yeah.From that point on,I just started playing every day on it.Day by day.My thumbs deformed from pushing the buttons all the time and I was scarred for life.Then I started buying more cartridges…I traded with the other kids who also had their famiclones… GOOD TIMES!

Famiclone 1

These are all the cartridges that I managed to save after all these years!A total of 24 cartridges,from the 46 that I owned…

Games included on these cartridges are:

“Harry’s Legend” – Along with the actual chinese boxset!

“Battle Tank” – The chinese remade the release date to be 1998…?

“Isolated Warrior” – Named “Contra 8”

“Monster in my pocket” – Owned the original title,but only kept the resprited “Batman 3”!

“TMNT: Tournament Fighters”

“Guerrilla War” – Under the name “Combra Command”.Also had it as “Cuba”,but lost the cartridge with it…

“Rollergames” – Had it with the original name on a cartridge that I lost.Later,I bought it on another under the name “DJ Boy”.

“Zippy Race”

“Duck Hunt”

“Hyper Olympics”


“Magic Jewelry”


“Q-Bert” – Under the name “Q-Ghost”.


“Qi Wang – Chinese Chess” – Under the name “Chinese Chess”.

“Fist of the North Star” – Under the name “Northern Ken”.

“Ninja Hattori-kun: Ninja wa Suugyou de Gozaru no Maki” = Under the name “Ninja 3”.

“Nuts & Milk” – Resprited and under the name “Pokemon”.

“Battle City” – Under the name “Tank 1990”.Also hacked with additional powerups added.

“Yi ar Kung Fu” – Simply under the name “Kung Fu”


“F-1 Race”

“Star Force”


“Choujikuu Yousai – Macross”

“Formation Z”

“Tiger Heli”

“Kinnikuman – Muscle Tag Match” – Can’t remember under what other name this was set…

“Star Luster” – IT HAD STICKER WITH EVANGELION.And I thought Shinji was a girl as well…

“Mario Bros.” – Had the original game,which I lost.Got left with a resprited “Teletubbies” version…

“Mach Rider”

“Binary Land” – Under the name “Ding Dong”…

“Adventures of Dino Riki” – Under the name “New Type”


“Tetris (Tengen)”

“Mickey Mouscapade”


“Circus Charlie” – Simply under the name “Circus”


“Super Mario Bros.” – Lots of variations,along with a resprited version called “Frog Prince”.

“Robocop 2”

“Hudson’s Adventure Island” – Under the name “The Adventure Island”

“Tecmo NBA Basketball” – The only cartridge that my brother bought and legit owns.

“Wild Gunman”

“Hogan’s Alley”


“Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight”

“Solomon’s Key”

“Twin Eagle – Revenge Joe’s Brother”

“1943: The Battle of Midway”

“Section Z”

“Legendary Wings” – Under the name “Wings”

“Zen: Intergalactic Ninja”

“Captain Planet and the Planeteers”

“Silk Worm”

“Mitsume ga Tooru” – Under the name “3-Eyed Boy”

“Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 [Also, 3!]”


Games that I used to own,but lost or were stolen/soft/never returned:

“Doki Doki Yuuenchi” – Under the name “Disneyland”. I swear to god,if I find out who stole it,I will kill him!

“Bubble Bobble: Part 2”

“Snow Bros.”

“Kick Master”


“Bomberman 2002” – I am really sad about this one…It was also on the last cartridge that I ever bought…

“Jurassic Park : The Lost World”

“Tom and Jerry (and Tuffy)”

“Ice Climber”

“Tiny Toon Adventures”

“The Legend of Kage”

“Lode Runner”

“Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers”

“Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers 2”

“Heavy Barrel” – Resprited and under the name “Chip’n Dale 3”

“Batman: The Video Game”

“Urban Champion”

“James Bond Jr.”


“Excite Bike”

“Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll” – Under the name “7-Up”

“Bucky O’Hare”



Here’s a photo of the “Harry’s Legend” chinese boxset:

Famiclone 2


Special thanks to “Nacho Bear” for helping me retrieve some of my lost cartridges and for making the photos.He was nice enough to even share his collection,so I’m going to post that as well:

Famiclone 3

Games included on these cartridges are:


“Duck Hunt”

“Dig Dug”

“Zippy Race”


“Magic Jewelry”

“Lunar Ball”

“Field Combat”




“Super Mario Bros.”


“Hogan’s Alley”

“Wild Gunman”


“Circus Charlie”

“Nuts & Milk” – Resprited and under the name “Pokemon”.

“Hyper Olympics”

“F-1 Race”

“Yi Ar Kung-Fu” – Under the name “Kung Fu”

“Lode Runner”

“Battle City” – Same as my copy version…

“Excite Bike”

“Road Fighter”

“Qi Wang – Chinese Chess” – Under the name “Chinese Chess”.

“Hudson’s Adventure Island” – Under the name “The Adventure Island”

“Dig Dug II”

“Mag Max”

“TMNT: Tournament Fighters”

“Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu”

“Tetris (Tengen)”

“Shadow of the Ninja” – Under the japanese title “Kage”

“Astyanax” – Under the name “Golden Axe 3”

“The Goonies”


So that’s pretty much everything that I had planned for this post!To be fair,I would love to re-build my famiclone collection and even add original famicom cartridges as well.If anyone who owns cartridges and wishes to get rid of them – Send them to ME,via the new address that I’ve added in the contacts tab!I would love to take care of them and give a shoutout!I also accept well crafted bombs.I know,my desire to collect things knows no bounds!