Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice [PC-98] – Needle on the path


A lot of medical tools tend to look pretty grotesque and disturbing. The mere sight of them tend to fuel our imagination with excess ideas of an outcome that would cause us an unimaginable amount of pain, once said tool is put into use. However, in reality, the actual case usually ends up being that you feel little to nothing… I’ve recently had a really messy visit at the dentist, where it took a while for my tooth to get pulled out. For how bloody and unusually painful it was, it still didn’t reach THAT point of uncomfortable experience that my mind fantasized about earlier, before the visit. Perhaps medicine has advanced to a point where one can be always at ease regardless of how extreme the situation is… or maybe I just grew up? … [?]

“Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice” is one of the best “Pipe Dream” clones that I’ve ever played!

Still, RNG can screw you up majorly if the game doesn’t decide to give you the proper pieces, especially in later stages where the field is already filled with paths and there are few empty spots where you can discard.

While the game doesn’t have a direct answer to this issue, it offers others that makes things a bit more tolerable. One of them is the addition of 1- ups that you can collect. While they require a bit of additional work for you to collect them, a stage containing one usually means that you don’t have to worry about failing it, as long as you collect the extra life beforehand. Another thing is that instead of having to deal with a flow of liquid that slowly fills up the space and the path that you created, your only concern here is the main character Alice, who can move freely as long as there is a proper path set for her. Backtracking is an option and in some stages a key element for success. You can also make Alice move faster, which is pretty important for stages with tight time limit, which are usually the result of the player being forced to place path pieces on one another, as the game is forcing the lose time intentionally. These stages are the only pain in the butt, but there are things that you can do to prevent consecutive losses. Trying to discard as less pieces as possible is a no- brainer, yet again, it is still quite affected by the RNG. Don’t place pieces that would drain the timer near the goal if Alice has still a way to go! Wait for her to get closer, then after placing the piece, just fire her up to go as fast as possible. There are items that can refill your time meter, but they also require some additional path building to be obtained… usually.

( I really like how the level designer/s put items out of reach to tease the player. You don’t see that kind of design usually, but I still find it quite charming when I do, even if the joke does not have that much of a high impact.)

The game has a decent difficulty curve. It paces between throwing hard and easy levels at you, but in general, it’s quite low in difficulty overall. There is a save and stage select feature as well! If you are looking for a great adult content, this one offers only nudity, with one of the girls being on a plain, boring black background for some reason. Either there was a blackout or she was hiding in a basement, one can only wonder as to why that is as it is.

Personally, I am quite satisfied with this game. If you are wondering what do syringes have to do with this game, I guess it’s the main character’s weapon of choice, which she uses against a guy/s…? [?] You do have to collect one before finishing every 5th stage or else… you just can’t enter the house and a life is lost instead if you try to do so.

Don’t ignore a need for a syringe! Vaccinate today!

Mugi Show Chuu – Tears and screams are free of charge


… and,boy oh boy,it was quite the show!I was really,really excited for this one!It was a doujin game that I’ve been looking for almost six years!The day I learned of this game and saw screenshots of it threw me into the state of “WHERE THE D#CK CAN I GET IT?”The gameplay,graphics and animations looked awesome back then.My hype was out of control,mostly due to the fact that I’ve watched and known of the underrated tv series [Soul Taker] and the /watch ironically [NURSE WITCH KOMUGI] OVA.OH MAN,ANIMEN!

As I finally got my hands on this game,I set myself up for a good time.A good time of platforming,beating stuff up and whatnot.Little did I knew of the Pandora box that I was about to open.

Two types of players would respond to this game in different ways.The first one will be: “Wow this game sucks!I am going to play something else./Go outside.[Rare chance].The second one will be: “This game…doesn’t feel fun to play.I guess it has its good bits…I’ll play a bit more and if it gets too boring,I’ll switch to something else…”.

…then there is me.I just stare into it with blank look on my face,playing through the levels one after another,while deep in my mind there is that loud and scary scream of agony.

This game taught me that I should read manuals.It also taught me that I can’t read manuals if they are in moonrunes.Had I knew that beforehand,I would have known that the game requires you to do much more than it looks like,if you are to reach certain goals,like beating it or getting your name into the highscore list.

Play this game and experience the pleasure of reaching level three and spending more than 3 minutes figuring out why can’t you jump high enough to progress further into the level.Find out that your scalpel is not only a weapon for stunning enemies,but it also plays an important role in one of the game’s mechanics,that being =/get extra jump after you hit something.Enjoy the 25 levels,all with the same background and same type of enemies.[VIRUSES!][BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT COLORS!AND THEY CHANGE THEIR MOVEMENTS AT CERTAIN POINT OF THE GAME,BLAH BLAH BLAH…!]Fall into pits full of water and drown,due to the fact that you can’t get over them,since the controls are kinda’ sloppy and the hit-to-jump mechanic is hard to do/sometimes doesn’t even work/respond correctly?]iblamehitboxes]] Collect carrots for points.Collect walking paper thingies,that come when you combo enemies,for even more points!Collect hidden things coming fr-… Oh,the combo system!It’s actually one of the things that I enjoyed in the game!Suck enemy into your syringe.Megaman-blast it at others!Scalpel them while they are stunned!FUN TIMES!Shots come in different colors!Shooting an enemy with different color will color him in the color of your shot.If it’s the same color,the enemy will keep growing up until it grows big enough and explode,giving you a med.kit.Feels like playing a sloppy,Splatoon platformer!

Get a really dissapointing ending…

Also,there is supposed to be a boss?It never appeared for me,but I learned that in the resources for the game,there is that…uh…nemesis of Komugi…What’s her name?…I don’t know…did they gave up on adding her?I saw some lewd sprites too…oh well…whatever…

Komugi show done!

Getting lots of enemies in one pile and blowing them up,watching the ‘billion paper thingies and jumping star effects coming out of them was a great feeling.The Komugi sprite and animation was really pleasant.Everything lese pretty much sucked.I am quite dissapointed from this game,my dreams and hype for it died alongside.Have my 4.8 out of 10.