🍲 Ore no Ryomi 1 + 2 🍲


Bring the pretzels and the beer, ‘cuz now we are cooking with fire! Man, this sure does bring me back to a good time filled with joyous memories… I used to play “Ore no Ryomi 2” in middle school all the time, along with a friend of mine. We really liked to do a co-op, where one of us will operate the letter keys and do the cooking, while the other would use the mouse to accept and deliver orders, along with reading out the various recipes that needed to be done. The funny thing is that I never payed attention to the title of the game back then, so when I was looking for it recently, it took me a while to find it. Other things that I didn’t know is that there was a first game and that both of these games were inspired by another game for the PS1. In first place, I decided to search for these games because I saw their sequel, “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” and I was like, “Didn’t I play something similar back in the days? I really had a good time with it, didn’t I?”.

I did.

The spaghetti sauce in this game is within’ it’s simple, yet fun structure. You get to tend to your own restaurant, buy upgrades for better income and to make certain chores a bit less of a pain, set up menu to serve and you are good to go! The first game is pretty linear, with only a few options, but it’s still quite fun. The second game kicks it up a notch by adding achievements, challenges, rating system and all that jazz. Also, way more meals that you can serve. So how does these games works anyways?

Once you set up your options, you start a day. Orders show up on the left side of the screen and you click on each one to accept them. You can do only one order at a time, so it all comes down to learning how much time does each one takes. Delivery is not restricted to any number, so that also because pretty important to know the further you progress into the games. The cooking is done by reading the request by the client, the recipe for it, which is also accomplished by legend of keys and their mapping to the ingredients, pressing the corresponding keys in the correct order and serving the final result.

Striving to avoid mistakes and have as many perfect days as possible is what makes this game so fun and challenging. Getting that extra income makes quite the differences when it comes to progress. It also lets you bring the game to a higher difficulty sooner, which rewards you further even more for doing good. Multitasking becomes hell with progress, especially in the second game during the new addition of rush hours. Me and my friend used to laugh a whole lot during those. They were hard, sometimes even ridiculous due to RNG, but amusing, really amusing!

In the end, the games do have their issues. Their repetitive nature gets boring after a while, even with a fully upgraded restaurant. You gradually learn how to deal with orders and how to just let go sometimes. Not every day can be a perfect one and accepting that fact would help you move on to a brighter future. The newspaper articles have a very specific time period to their content, which hasn’t aged well. Along with that, they also bear a man’s first casual attempt at comedy. At least I hope it’s like that and not just a fully developed routine.

Both games are free, so if you can afford their sequel, just have some fun with them instead! For all the money that you can’t afford to spend, it’s a deal you can’t really complain!

Triad – Complicated Sleepover


Sweet dreams lullaby. Put on your pajamas, pantyhose, wool socks and hope that the bed bugs won’t bite too hard tonight! Did you had your tea and cream cheese before bed? The corridor outside your room is quite dark, don’t forget that your dog also needs to be fed! From inside the cocoon of fluff, care as you stare at the dark window, since the scary alien will jump out soon enough, with a soul- breaking laugh…

Goodnight Mr. Flare!

Triad DONE!

Triad is a short puzzle game where you have to put three people and a cat on a single bed, while making sure that they won’t be disturbed or bother each other during the night. Each individual takes up a certain amount of space and has a specific movement pattern during the night that you have to take into consideration.

I would have loved it if there were more levels to this game, but honestly, the one puzzle presented took me quite a bit to figure out, but it was pretty satisfying nevertheless. This is a good game for killing a lunch break at work or something.

I was really satisfied with the ending of this game.



The Touhou volume? That sure exists alright! I mean, what better way to start it off than with a one hell of a banging, fan- made flash game? Just a little bit off- topic here – I think that the way I am going to handle this volume is by doing at least one official game, alongside four others, made by people of the shadow realm. While I did set the closing entry number for the volume to be at one hundred, that does not mean that there won’t be another Touhou volume somewhere in the future… I hope… After all, there is a whole lot of Touhou gamesoft out there…

“Marippy” is a decent “Mappy” clone, starring characters from Touhou Porject, namely Marisa as the main, playable character and Alice with her doll army as the opposing threat. The plot follows a short tale of Alice stealing Marisa’s personal belongings in order to satisfy her perverted fetishes, like owning a clean pair of bloomers – Truly, the most underrated fetish of all time!

This game is way easier than the original “Mappy” game! For one thing, it’s way shorter, with only eight levels in total. I think the controls are quite alright. I don’t know really how can you make a Mappy clone with bad controls, when the only keys that you use during the course of the game are Left, Right and an Action button. Then again, you never know what the future might have in store for you! One different thing regarding the gameplay, compared to the original, are the doors shooting projectiles, which you open and use to dispatch enemies. In the original, the projectile needs to travel and get into contact with the enemies. In “Marippy”. the doors shoot up an instant laser that clears everything on the floor in line. I don’t know if this makes things easier or not, but it definitely requires a different timing and consideration regarding the enemy positioning than the original.

Marippy DONE!

You can certainly breeze through the game in no time if you focus on just collecting the items, while ignoring the bonuses you get from collecting pairs. Well, I guess it’s fine to go for them in the early levels, given that the pace of the game starts off slow and easy. Earning additional points can net you a few extra lives that can be of quite some help when it comes to later stages, where the difficulty kicks in by quite a notch. I personally gave my body and soul to get almost all bonuses and I still could not surpass 100. 000 points. Is that even possible even if you collect all pairs? I’m pretty sure that it is, but honestly, I am quite satisfied with my current result as it is.

Signed with the quality seal: ” Single Afternoon Killer”.

RA Invasion [Part 9] – May the Maul be with you!


“Got Death Star?” This is my favorite Star Wars commercial of all times honestly! I mean, we all could use a tool for planetary obliteration more often than we would like to admit. It’s not about the silly political ideologies of erasing certain species and their home world from existence for the sake of an imaginary better future, but rather, the thrill and responsibility of having control over something and how “properly” one might use it. Cake tastes great, I know that! But what I’ve learned is that it tastes better when you share it with another person. Don’t hold back! Buy a Death Star for a person that you really like or love! With a present like this, you’ll be treated as well to the knowledge of the inner nature of that one certain, special someone. Did they like the wrapping? Have they even used the present or did they just toss it in the corner? If you ask me, it’s all about that one smile they make when they receive the present…

Something, something RA weekend with the usual Twisted Wario update, GBA emulation issues that I’ve fixed and I spend the rest of the time playing the first GBA Lego Star Wars game. I also got a late birthday present from my brother – A small drone! I’ve been investing some time into that as well! It’s pretty fun learning the controls and I do like the idea of getting better at controlling these machines. Maybe if I become good enough I can successfully eliminate Gordon Freeman and put an end to a saga that has been dragging for eons now!

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game [Game Boy Advance]

I am no strangers to LEGO or Star Wars as a whole. I’ve owned various simple LEGO sets as a kid. Like… a few pirate ships with a pirate crew and… that’s pretty much about it, I guess… I’ve been introduced to the original “Star Wars” trilogy by my brother when I was a baby pretty much, who at the time, managed to hype the Obi- Wan vs Vader fight from episode four to seem like the best thing ever! I remember being really afraid of the lightsaber battles, because I could not bare to watch a person die! Again, I was with a young and pure mind, untouched by the cruelty of action movies.

Years ago, my friend brought a copy of LEGO Star Wars for PC to my place, which had all the episodes from 1 to 6 and whatnot. I’m not going to go into details about it, but I want to say, that as far as cooperative video games go, that one was a nuclear blast! It was really good and we were really sad once we 100% it, because the amount of content the game had was not enough to satisfy our needs! We wanted more, because it was THAT good, really!

So here I am, looking at the GBA version that features episodes 1 to 3 of the saga. I personally did not enjoy the original “Episode 2 and 3” movies, despite waiting since kid for them to come out! I can’t say for sure why, maybe because they did not have that adventurous feel to them like the rest of the episodes. Anyways, this game is played from top- down isometric view. It’s pretty generous, what with unlimited lives, constant checkpoints and merchants that can upgrade your stats for a price. Because of the perspective, it takes a while for one to get used to aiming their attacks properly. It’s a very short game overall, you can go through all episodes in one afternoon. Unlocking every character takes some time though, with the game forcing you to replay and grind through levels for additional studs. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the playable characters that you had at disposal could offer more in terms of gameplay. Most of them share quite a lot of similar traits and that’s not very good for the replay value. Sure, I did all the missions again while avoiding getting any upgrades and whatnot… But apart from that, I can only see another potential run being fun using the repair droid character or someone else who in general is not well suited for the task of having an easy time. Here’s a tip to make your life easier: Darth Maul is a really, really good character! He can access most areas with golden studs, takes less damage from enemies… I think [?] and his special ability is easy to quick spam and aim. A really good character to invest a mere 3k studs!

The game does not offer any exciting platforming whatsoever. Most of it is just you fighting enemies on set pieces, which the developers didn’t held back on reusing over for later levels. I liked the cheat codes rewards, there are some funny things with which you can fool around for a bit. No multiplayer though, this game is for loner wolves. As far as visuals go… they are pretty rough, in a good sense! The badly looping music samples enhance the whole experience even more!

I had fun with this game overall. It was quite bland and pretty bad, just the way I tend to kiss girls on the lips!



HeY gAmErS! FlareEX here, AKA the pudding prince of video games! Today I am bringing you the latest craze, one hell of an amazing game for the new Rumiko Takahashi’s DreamBoy console! I am of course talking about non other but the MMO title “Final Quest, Mystic Fantasy”!

Mystic 1.1 DONE!

While you do play as Mystic yet again, unlike in the previous entries, this time the developers decided to turn the main character into a girl! Boy oh boy oh man oh cold noodles oh my, ain’t them porn artist gonna break their hands on the rally to be first on posting their new art on the imageboards!

Pirate Cave DONE!

In “Final Mystic, Quest Fantasy”, playing as Mystic makes you FEEL like Mystic herself! The music is alright… and the graphics… … …

Tutorial. Oryx's Kitchen DONE!

The difficulty however is like nothing you’ve played EVER before! Here I was in the land of many sugar treats and bad dental hygiene, helpfully putting into statis every boss that spawned, inserting my dominance and ability to be an asshole in order to drive people away from the rare and item- rich dungeon, when suddenly, I got POPPED! I was fighting the pony boss and without it even moving, I received the death screen! This game takes things to the next level! It’s not longer about pure skill, it’s about predictions! This title is pretty much the Dark Noses of the game’s series! It also serves to show us what the future will look like! Why, games will be based on nothing more than predictions! After all, these are always the hottest topics in gaming forums as well! Everyone likes and wants to predict what a yet to be released game will be like, with of course, once released, said game usually ends up being a piece of shit, completely setting to ruin dreams all around. I for once cannot wait to one day receive an empty, plain box, so I can imagine what game could have been inside it and predict how would it have played AND how would I have played it!

Forest Maze DONE!

While I do LOVE this, it has its share of flaws all over the place! Unskippable cutscenes. Spam and bots. Lack of variety – Every dungeon in the game feels the same. The low amount of only 130 breathtaking music tracks. Complicated crafting system. Chat profanity protection. Two weeks bans for playing off meta. The last dungeon is literally unplayable without the involvement of microtransactions. Single player only.

I’m sorry but I’ll have to give this game a 96 out of 100…

Spider Den DONE!