RA Invasion [Part 9] – May the Maul be with you!


“Got Death Star?” This is my favorite Star Wars commercial of all times honestly! I mean, we all could use a tool for planetary obliteration more often than we would like to admit. It’s not about the silly political ideologies of erasing certain species and their home world from existence for the sake of an imaginary better future, but rather, the thrill and responsibility of having control over something and how “properly” one might use it. Cake tastes great, I know that! But what I’ve learned is that it tastes better when you share it with another person. Don’t hold back! Buy a Death Star for a person that you really like or love! With a present like this, you’ll be treated as well to the knowledge of the inner nature of that one certain, special someone. Did they like the wrapping? Have they even used the present or did they just toss it in the corner? If you ask me, it’s all about that one smile they make when they receive the present…

Something, something RA weekend with the usual Twisted Wario update, GBA emulation issues that I’ve fixed and I spend the rest of the time playing the first GBA Lego Star Wars game. I also got a late birthday present from my brother – A small drone! I’ve been investing some time into that as well! It’s pretty fun learning the controls and I do like the idea of getting better at controlling these machines. Maybe if I become good enough I can successfully eliminate Gordon Freeman and put an end to a saga that has been dragging for eons now!

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game [Game Boy Advance]

I am no strangers to LEGO or Star Wars as a whole. I’ve owned various simple LEGO sets as a kid. Like… a few pirate ships with a pirate crew and… that’s pretty much about it, I guess… I’ve been introduced to the original “Star Wars” trilogy by my brother when I was a baby pretty much, who at the time, managed to hype the Obi- Wan vs Vader fight from episode four to seem like the best thing ever! I remember being really afraid of the lightsaber battles, because I could not bare to watch a person die! Again, I was with a young and pure mind, untouched by the cruelty of action movies.

Years ago, my friend brought a copy of LEGO Star Wars for PC to my place, which had all the episodes from 1 to 6 and whatnot. I’m not going to go into details about it, but I want to say, that as far as cooperative video games go, that one was a nuclear blast! It was really good and we were really sad once we 100% it, because the amount of content the game had was not enough to satisfy our needs! We wanted more, because it was THAT good, really!

So here I am, looking at the GBA version that features episodes 1 to 3 of the saga. I personally did not enjoy the original “Episode 2 and 3” movies, despite waiting since kid for them to come out! I can’t say for sure why, maybe because they did not have that adventurous feel to them like the rest of the episodes. Anyways, this game is played from top- down isometric view. It’s pretty generous, what with unlimited lives, constant checkpoints and merchants that can upgrade your stats for a price. Because of the perspective, it takes a while for one to get used to aiming their attacks properly. It’s a very short game overall, you can go through all episodes in one afternoon. Unlocking every character takes some time though, with the game forcing you to replay and grind through levels for additional studs. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the playable characters that you had at disposal could offer more in terms of gameplay. Most of them share quite a lot of similar traits and that’s not very good for the replay value. Sure, I did all the missions again while avoiding getting any upgrades and whatnot… But apart from that, I can only see another potential run being fun using the repair droid character or someone else who in general is not well suited for the task of having an easy time. Here’s a tip to make your life easier: Darth Maul is a really, really good character! He can access most areas with golden studs, takes less damage from enemies… I think [?] and his special ability is easy to quick spam and aim. A really good character to invest a mere 3k studs!

The game does not offer any exciting platforming whatsoever. Most of it is just you fighting enemies on set pieces, which the developers didn’t held back on reusing over for later levels. I liked the cheat codes rewards, there are some funny things with which you can fool around for a bit. No multiplayer though, this game is for loner wolves. As far as visuals go… they are pretty rough, in a good sense! The badly looping music samples enhance the whole experience even more!

I had fun with this game overall. It was quite bland and pretty bad, just the way I tend to kiss girls on the lips!



HeY gAmErS! FlareEX here, AKA the pudding prince of video games! Today I am bringing you the latest craze, one hell of an amazing game for the new Rumiko Takahashi’s DreamBoy console! I am of course talking about non other but the MMO title “Final Quest, Mystic Fantasy”!

Mystic 1.1 DONE!

While you do play as Mystic yet again, unlike in the previous entries, this time the developers decided to turn the main character into a girl! Boy oh boy oh man oh cold noodles oh my, ain’t them porn artist gonna break their hands on the rally to be first on posting their new art on the imageboards!

Pirate Cave DONE!

In “Final Mystic, Quest Fantasy”, playing as Mystic makes you FEEL like Mystic herself! The music is alright… and the graphics… … …

Tutorial. Oryx's Kitchen DONE!

The difficulty however is like nothing you’ve played EVER before! Here I was in the land of many sugar treats and bad dental hygiene, helpfully putting into statis every boss that spawned, inserting my dominance and ability to be an asshole in order to drive people away from the rare and item- rich dungeon, when suddenly, I got POPPED! I was fighting the pony boss and without it even moving, I received the death screen! This game takes things to the next level! It’s not longer about pure skill, it’s about predictions! This title is pretty much the Dark Noses of the game’s series! It also serves to show us what the future will look like! Why, games will be based on nothing more than predictions! After all, these are always the hottest topics in gaming forums as well! Everyone likes and wants to predict what a yet to be released game will be like, with of course, once released, said game usually ends up being a piece of shit, completely setting to ruin dreams all around. I for once cannot wait to one day receive an empty, plain box, so I can imagine what game could have been inside it and predict how would it have played AND how would I have played it!

Forest Maze DONE!

While I do LOVE this, it has its share of flaws all over the place! Unskippable cutscenes. Spam and bots. Lack of variety – Every dungeon in the game feels the same. The low amount of only 130 breathtaking music tracks. Complicated crafting system. Chat profanity protection. Two weeks bans for playing off meta. The last dungeon is literally unplayable without the involvement of microtransactions. Single player only.

I’m sorry but I’ll have to give this game a 96 out of 100…

Spider Den DONE!




Beyond the 300th is a craft seen for a third time during certain war! [Part 2]

lich king cirno

It’s the conclusion to my “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” campaign crusade, as after numerous attempts, I finally managed to clear the last chapter of the Undead campaign. It makes me really happy to be finally done with what I’ve left a decade ago and moreover – to see how much my perspective of the game has changed over the years. To be honest, I doubted a lot the idea of me being able to go through the whole game on hard difficulty. Alas, it turned out to be pretty fun and challenging and I am quite glad about the results. Truly, “Warcraft III” will always be one of those video games atop my tier list. Truly and forever!


In previous post I’ve mentioned how annoying the first chapter of this campaign is. Hard difficulty just throws at you endless hordes of military units, which can really set you back if you don’t time things right. For one thing though, Sylvanas side got a bit of a benefit from the constant spam, as the banshees had quite the influence on stocking a stupidly strong army due to their possession ability. To be fair, this whole campaign revolved around the abuse of possession and charm abilities. At the last chapter, it was pretty much the key factor, no less. Sure, the other chapters throw all the good items in the world at you, but let’s be honest – The last chapter is pretty overwhelming on Hard difficulty, even with biffed-up heroes! However, if you manage your defenses well and play the patience game right, at one point you’ll be rewarded with an attack wave that has sorceress units among its ranks. If you are able to possess them without having your banshees turned into cotton-fluff sheep, then congratulations! As long as you managed to capture a suitable number of sorceress, you can manipulate their invisibility ability to help Arthas go around and capture any point that he desires. It’s all about speed and defending after that point. Enjoy your beefy Crypt Lord with Orb of Frost and your Unholy Aura that makes your fly like a race car! Sure, you can go around and beat your head on a rock trying to do this the intended, classic way, but why would you ditch those sexy magic gals for mere Ghouls n’ Ghosts? That’s madness!!!

And then you laid rest on an ice furniture for the rest of eternity… as in another fantasy, no Warcraft game was ever released after this one… THE END!

Warcraft III EXTRA 5 DONE!

I also did another custom campaign! “Rise of the Lich King” is pretty rich in terms of variety when it comes to quests and races, but man, the chapter “Battle in Ironforge” is a pain in the butt! Those dwarfs sure fortify well! Way too well! If you manage to pass over that and the horrible, cheesy dialogue, this campaign is quite alright. I mean, come on! How often do you see the Naga’s submerge ability being put into any practical use? There is also a really interesting desert level and… yeah. Everything else is gentle windy breeze and sunshine cocktails, with every now and then someone trying to shoot your through the glass. Egh!


I’ve been thinking about doing various challenges for this game, even considered trying more custom campaigns. While that will happen in the future, no doubt, for a time being I want to focus on playing something else for a change. It’s not like I can get tired of “Warcraft III” , that’s impossible! The world is vast though, what a shame would it be if you don’t explore as much of it as you can. In terms of video games, that’s it! You’ll get killed for sure in the jungle out there!!!

[REVIVE] – Grapefruits!It’s always about the damn GRAPEFRUITS!


[REVIVE] is puzzle-platformer-flash game, where the main gimmick revolves around switching between two forms by constantly committing suicide or drowning in life-giving juice.You are a mutant-experiment-prisoner- person and you have to go through various levels, with the ultimate goal for freedom and obtaining billion grapefruits.While being alive your character gets all the benefits from being alive, thus not being able to go-through objects and being stuck with casual platforming skills of jumping and moving left or right.Dying turns you into a ghost, which lifts most restrictions in terms of movement, but it adds more when it comes to interactions.Switching between the two forms is a must if you wish to be able to navigate through most levels, as most puzzles just flat out require you to do so.You get to press switches,push boxes… it really can’t get more puzzling than this alright!


I think that the best quality of this game lies in the level design.Some rooms are just really well-though out and I have to give the game credit for the extra rooms especially.I think that’s just the basic formula for a good puzzle game overall.Stick to the gimmick, expand it further, focus on level design and it will be fine if the music and graphics are just alright.The music and graphics in [REVIVE] are just alright.There is also a plot which explains things, but it didn’t really catch on for me. I liked it though.Not bad, not at all. Grapefruits are grapefruits, due to the fact that they were supposed to be coins, but someone suggested to not be.That’s fresh! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

…and then there is the speedrun challenge, which I really LOVED, because this game really needed that.It really did!

A good candidate if one is to seek a puzzle game in [a] flash.Fair 6.6 out of 10 it shall receive!

LR19’s Retro Video Games Gauntlet/ Announcement for additional new volumes!


The “LR19’s Retro Video Games Gauntlet” is an all-time open event, with unlimited counter set for entries, unlike in other LR19 volumes. [RVGG] was inspired by a certain thread on 4Chan’s /vr/ board and was further modified by adding the LR19’s super-clear rule.

Starting at NES, I will be working through various titles in this order:

Commodore 64
Sega Saturn
Playstation 1
Sega Dreamcast

Each game will be picked via RNG and will be announced on my twitter account, along with further updates regarding progress and whatnot.After the game is announced, I am given the time of three days to complete it (a week for RPGs). If I fail to complete the said game in time, I get to move on to another from the next console in line. An option to give up is also present, but I’ll try to avoid using it as much as I can, if not at all! Overall, I just wish to cover as many games from different retro consoles as possible. There are lots of consoles that didn’t get their names in the list and the reason for that is that I either have trouble emulating them or that I just don’t have any interest in the said console.[At least not at the moment…]

REWARDS! That’s right, I’ve mentioned that before! You can win a free Steam game! I’ll either gift people random things OR I’ll announce the game that I am willing to give away beforehand.ART SUBMISSION is a must if you wish to get into the oven! Don’t let that put you down! Do your best, regarding of your skill! Promote the LR19’s mascots via art submission and you shall earn games from various qualities and prices.PM me on Twitter,Steam or Skype if you need more information! Winners will be announced on twitter, along with the prize that they got.

The event will be active when I have free time on my hands.Again, Twitter is a pretty useful tool for letting people know when and why.Apart from that, I think that’s pretty much it…



The LR19’s fourth volume is where I play anything Touhou Project related.I am up for some Touhou and I wanna play the Touhou.Unlike other normal volumes, this one is set for 100 entries in total!

A new sub volume that focus on adult games.Few people asked for it, by which I mean three in total, but I’ll do it!Thinking about them low-quality, Ryona games… HECK YEAH!

I have a new goal in mind.I wish to clear every title on a certain console.I choose the Philips CD-i . I am curious about what games it has in store. The Zelda games that I cleared during the HSK event really grabbed me. My mind desires more of this console…MORE!

Sorry about the brief and rushed second part of this post.I don’t actually think that it would have been any better if I put more effort into it…