W A Y – ☃️ + 🐫


“Way” is this game that was quite the thing a while back, with decent amount of followers. To play it, one needs to download the game itself and then connect with another person online via the client in-game. It’s a two player cooperative, puzzle- platformer and sadly, a very short in terms of length. The game itself isn’t all that hard either, no game overs, generous checkpoints… The general idea of this game was to experience it with a complete stranger, to whom you connected, wherein you can get to know each other a bit upon finishing the game, where a drawing board is presented.

Sadly, I missed on the craze back in the days, so all my playthroughs of this were with my close friends. Servers are deathly- death, so you can be sure that if you and your friend plan on playing this game, you are probably going to be the only two people in the world doing so, thus, connection between you two will be ensured.

Another thing that killed it for me was the fact that I talked with my fellows online, wherein the game expects you to just use the emotes and sounds that your character can make. Actually, I think there was this one person who played it with me and we didn’t talk, for whatever reason. There isn’t all that much of a difference, really. But I still think that lack of voice communications is the key for a better experience.


The game is pretty good, but don’t expect any amazing puzzles or platforming. The main gimmick revolves mostly around moving to spots and avoiding obstacles that you can’t see, but the other person can, thus you have to wait for their navigation signal. Suffice to say, this game needed/s an update. More levels, more puzzles… I am honestly fine with graphics and music. They are all right. Just add more content and it’s a *BANG*. However, given how much time has passed since the last update, I assume that we won’t be seeing anything new anytime soon. Still, it’s a neat game with quite the unique idea behind it. You never know what the future holds. Maybe a time where the game gets out of its alpha state and the beta crashes upon us with a grand- huge content? Yeah, right… AS IF!

Thanks to “NachoBear” for helping me with the screen capture for this post!