Very Pink Game – Very Pink Post!

very pink game

“Very Pink Game” is a game that’s very pink,where you play as a girl named Ivy,who,despite not being pink,is set on a short journey to find her friend,who,believe it or not  [SPOILER// IS ALSO NOT PINK! //#SPOILER!

Following the game’s title,one can expect lots of pink in the game,both in terms of visuals and gameplay: Spend a worth of twenty to thirty pink minutes doing the most pink fetch quests that you can ever encounter!Meet memoriable pink NPCs like Jimmy Fries,Ghost Hunter,Donut Witch and Old Guy at the pink port.[THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY PINK! ^%#sprorliers] Look at lots of pink things!YOU KNOW,IT’S VERY PINK GAME! Steal a string from the Old Guy at the port.Watch as he goes full pink mentallity over your course of action.That’s right!You get to abuse your pink powers of pink interactions to their full pink power potential!

Very Pink Game DONE!

Whaaat?This was the author’s first pink game?Well ain’t that radically pink rad!Despite the lack of anything in the title screen but pink,this game can pinkafy your heart with it’s simple nature,colored in pink all over with decent sprites and more pink.PINK!

It is a title worth of bearing a VERY pink score!

There is also a music in the game,but it’s way too pink to be discussed here!This is a pink friendly site after all!