·きのこの森の少女 – Beware of the woodland fiery shrimp!

girl mushroom woods

There is not much to say about this title, given that I’ve already made a fantastic video that covers all its essential bits in terms of gameplay, sound, graphics, plot, character design and whatnot. In addition,there is also a dedicated description in the video that provides further insight regarding the high quality of the product!

I’m just really sad that such a great video game wasn’t received well during its initial release… True, not everyone can read Japanese or be a fan of the blue – colored main menu… But if only people waited for that crucial [1.2] version update, they would have been completely overwhelmed by the new ENGLISH interface, along with the stylized, mushroom- brown background.- [/As seen in the video/]/ Of course, let us not forget about the Girl’s unique spin move, which gives her the sort of personality that you see rarely in characters from video games nowadays!… – Another new addition that can only be seen in version 1.2!

Alas, the judgement of humanity tends to be rushed, usually missing on the most important of details – Those of pure heart become prisoners, while the real culprits still walk among us, still tormenting us with the impossible art of star- riding…


How I scored 100 000 000 points on a really hard video game with the power of this NEW ENERGY DRINK!


100 000 000 score points. 5 hours and a half play time. Around 200 breath- taking loops of level one! Not a single bathroom break! How is that even possible you might ask?

With the brand new energy drink “NUKE”, you’ll have all the energy to explode and take on the most toughest of video games – Like the “Kemono Souls Friends” and “Pizza Malaria of Edinburgh.” You’ll also dissolve and die in a short while after the first can, but surely, you’ll be remembered for your deeds. Look at what I’ve done for example! I am now part of history, baby! Video Game history! Do you see yourself being able to score that many points? You do? No! You don’t! Don’t do it! It’s impossible! I’ll find you if you do it! I really will!…

Thrice upon a crafty war – GODDAM’ ELVES!


Sudden challenge, difficulty spike rises up! Hello, this is “WC3: The Frozen Throne”, where your favorite units from “Reign of Chaos” have been tuned down a notch, in favor for the boring ones. Is that really how it is? [] I’m not sure, but for one thing I noticed how tanks can be tanks and ranged units suffer greatly without a good proper management. The new additions and changes to armor have quite the impact, which of course, made me switch to a different play style as well.

I’ve never been really fond of the additional new units that the expansion added to the game. I pretty much don’t use them overall, despite the fact that they are quite good for various situations. Then again, I am still playing the campaigns, which held few surprises for me regarding them being on HARD difficulty level.

Warcraft III 1.8 DONE!

I really like this campaign for the mere fact that you get to use the Warden hero Maiev Shadowsong. I’ve always been fond of the Warden’s design, not so much in terms of gameplay though. She is like an assassin who does well with enough intelligence items to cast her spells constantly, all in all with the addition of few HP ones to make up for her fragile state. The campaign do go all the way to supply you with such items, along with additional new ones, witch swing more towards the utility side, rather than sole raw stats. Chapter Four was a good example! Staff of Teleportation is a pretty essential item on Hard difficulty if you wish to keep your base intact, while working on your main objective.

Maiev died a lot! Around five to six times during the chapters where you get to use her. It feels pretty silly, given that she comes with a good ability to go all over the place, escaping from bad situations or going in for the kills. Pardon me, for softening enemy units. If you don’t count the early missions, she pretty much swings towards that state in the late game. Also, I didn’t knew her Fan of Knives can harm fliers! SO THAT’S HOW YOU DEAL WITH THE PESKY NAGA COUATUALIALIS!

Chapter Five and Chapter Seven probably gave me the most trouble. They also taught me that going all in, even with full food limit capped, does not always yield success! This taken into consideration saved me a lot of trouble further ahead, in the other campaigns. For one thing, it never hurts to retreat and heal up at the nearest fountain of health. Don’t just let those chimeras turn into fireworks of guts! Focus fire the casters near the eye and ignore those silly naga towers! No, yeah! The time limit mission was literally “My last chimera killed the last naga siren before time ran out!”

Warcraft III 1.9 DONE!

If you felt like “Terror of the Tides” crushed your soul completely, which is unlikely, since it is not all that bad,really, then get ready for some relaxing, fun time with “Curse of the Blood Elves”. AFTER YOU CLEAR THE SECOND CHAPTER! YES, AFTER THAT!

Back in the days, I was not expecting the sudden switch towards playing with new, custom made races. Naga is fun, it has strong units and really good utility ones. Fliers are hella good! BLOOD[Y] ELVES ON THE OTHER HAND! Then again, there is a reason why the secret tower defense stage was added in. Oops! Spoil-spoiled solution for second chapter on Hard difficulty! We are breaking LR19 rules here!!!

Make sure to tower-up that demonic game in the upper left  on chapter five real good, also! While on Normal difficulty I remember being able to protect Illidan with a small band of units, on Hard you’ll need a good coverage of the area! I almost got overrun, which felt really, really awful… for some reason… Losing never feels good…

Apart from that, feel free to goof around for the rest of the chapters. Most missions are pretty easygoing and you can take your time to multy- click on every unit under your command, so you can listen to their jokes and whatnot crap. Send a huge army in the last chapter to kill the Pit Lord. Watch as the Blade Masters around him clear your brigade with their “Bladestorm” ability! FUN, FUN!!!

Warcraft III EXTRA 4 DONE!

Talk about similarities! What’s this? A custom campaign? “The Last Druid” tells a story of the events that happen around the time the “Sunwell” was destroyed and how the blood elves came to be. It’s a short campaign, mainly focused on Heroes/units and puzzles. Difficulty swings towards the easy/normal side. The maps are pretty huge, so there goes those three hours I guess?

Apart from that, I have to say, the maps are pretty detailed and well-made. Puzzles are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Talk about uniqueness, the underwater sub-map won all my cookies! After all, how often do we get to play with an overpowered Water Elemental in the true hell under the sea? Apart from that, there are other unique gimmicks as well, like item crafting/combining and no-mana regeneration which-

Man, writing them up now really makes them feel dull and boring to me… Alas, they are not! This was a fun campaign, which to be fair…

… I played because I had trouble with another custom one. End result – I’m glad I actually played this instead! =FFFFFFSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH=



As you can see, I’ve been having fun clearing what chapters I can at the moment, in the last campaign of the game. Undead is a pretty strong race, but would I be able to deal with multitasking and ACTUALLY clear for once the last and final chapter? That’s what I have yet to do! Also, the first chapter took me more than two hours to do. It was a complete MADNESS! Also, low cooldown CHARM spell! Gimme that free army! Also, marketplace abuse. ALSO, DREADLORD- PITLORD HYBRID! Well, at least he got quickly to level six…


SOON! [I hope…]

177 – Special Valentine’s day event! How cuddling and hand – holding saved the life of my pet fly Humphrey!


How could I even say “Yes” to her? She might have stared at me in disapproval with her chestnut-brown dark eyes, but it was me who was truly disappointed! If she is unwilling to travel to the center of the Earth to find my corpse and mourn about my death, I am not really expecting her to fight the giant cyborg-monster later either! I mean, come on! “They” put a lot of effort into stealing and using my brain to bring that pile of garbage into motion! Then again, it’s just easier for her to close both eyes, sigh and go home! That won’t solve anything though! If anything, she is bound to keep her title of being an old lady that nobody likes, let alone LOVE! What awaits her within’ the burning depths of her hellish home is just more dirty underwear all over the place and week old popcorn,scattered like a pack of sheep on the floor.EXTRA BUTTER!

Her cat is not even going to come and greet her! The cat is death. It killed itself because it hated “her” so much! It was to be expected, as suicide cases tend go in high numbers around people who can’t acquire all 200′ “chests”. Yes! That’s right! You go and look at yourself in the mirror! Who can admire those disgusting slabs of meat-flesh, mainly your “Adventure Island” pair of eggplants?! If you think that you have a sexy legs and a nice ass, then I have news for you! You are absolutely right! But one can see just as much at the stare of the vile Medusa! “Hello, Medusa? I’m sorry about earlier… How about a cup of coffee and some “Jason X” tonight?” is what she thought I would say. And I did.


There is a hook and bait for every fish and fish for every bait and hook. The reason why you are alone on Valentine’s day is because you value the life of every fish and you would rather let them back in the water. I won’t though! They might drown!!!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Don’t Look Back – Finally, I can shoot at all the pixelated fruit snakes that I want to!

dont look back

Yet another game with a minimalistic setting.This time though, you are given a gun and rather than exploring, you get to do a straightforward platforming,while shooting at pixelated fruit snakes, giant spiders and runaround postmen.You are also a guy who likes to stare at that one grave.There is also a boss and at some point you find the ghost of a female.Here’s where the special “gimmick” comes: Once you find her,you can never turn back to face her again!If you do so,she turns into dust and you have to redo the current screen section once again.Thank god infinite lives and constant checkpoints!

Don't Look Back DONE!

You know, a “restriction” gimmick in video games usually lowers down the difficulty, simply due to the fact that it also lowers the possible actions that can be taken.I am not talking about this game in specific, but video games in general.You know, like in platformers where they restrict you to jump or run and whatnot…Adventure games and RPGs where you get robbed or tossed in jail and all your items are taken away…  And many, many more examples… Yeah, I’ve never felt like I was being in disadvantage during those moments.You either feel like the game is going into a new direction or that it’s taking a break from its general idea.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoyed myself with this title.Not because it was short or easy in terms of difficulty, but most likely because… I don’t know.This game doesn’t feel all that special in any aspect.Lots of things and ideas put together,forming but a mess.I’m glad I killed some time with it, but there is not much else I can add to that.

I’ll just add my score of 4.4 out of 10 for it.