Thrice upon a crafty war – GODDAM’ ELVES!


Sudden challenge, difficulty spike rises up! Hello, this is “WC3: The Frozen Throne”, where your favorite units from “Reign of Chaos” have been tuned down a notch, in favor for the boring ones. Is that really how it is? [] I’m not sure, but for one thing I noticed how tanks can be tanks and ranged units suffer greatly without a good proper management. The new additions and changes to armor have quite the impact, which of course, made me switch to a different play style as well.

I’ve never been really fond of the additional new units that the expansion added to the game. I pretty much don’t use them overall, despite the fact that they are quite good for various situations. Then again, I am still playing the campaigns, which held few surprises for me regarding them being on HARD difficulty level.

Warcraft III 1.8 DONE!

I really like this campaign for the mere fact that you get to use the Warden hero Maiev Shadowsong. I’ve always been fond of the Warden’s design, not so much in terms of gameplay though. She is like an assassin who does well with enough intelligence items to cast her spells constantly, all in all with the addition of few HP ones to make up for her fragile state. The campaign do go all the way to supply you with such items, along with additional new ones, witch swing more towards the utility side, rather than sole raw stats. Chapter Four was a good example! Staff of Teleportation is a pretty essential item on Hard difficulty if you wish to keep your base intact, while working on your main objective.

Maiev died a lot! Around five to six times during the chapters where you get to use her. It feels pretty silly, given that she comes with a good ability to go all over the place, escaping from bad situations or going in for the kills. Pardon me, for softening enemy units. If you don’t count the early missions, she pretty much swings towards that state in the late game. Also, I didn’t knew her Fan of Knives can harm fliers! SO THAT’S HOW YOU DEAL WITH THE PESKY NAGA COUATUALIALIS!

Chapter Five and Chapter Seven probably gave me the most trouble. They also taught me that going all in, even with full food limit capped, does not always yield success! This taken into consideration saved me a lot of trouble further ahead, in the other campaigns. For one thing, it never hurts to retreat and heal up at the nearest fountain of health. Don’t just let those chimeras turn into fireworks of guts! Focus fire the casters near the eye and ignore those silly naga towers! No, yeah! The time limit mission was literally “My last chimera killed the last naga siren before time ran out!”

Warcraft III 1.9 DONE!

If you felt like “Terror of the Tides” crushed your soul completely, which is unlikely, since it is not all that bad,really, then get ready for some relaxing, fun time with “Curse of the Blood Elves”. AFTER YOU CLEAR THE SECOND CHAPTER! YES, AFTER THAT!

Back in the days, I was not expecting the sudden switch towards playing with new, custom made races. Naga is fun, it has strong units and really good utility ones. Fliers are hella good! BLOOD[Y] ELVES ON THE OTHER HAND! Then again, there is a reason why the secret tower defense stage was added in. Oops! Spoil-spoiled solution for second chapter on Hard difficulty! We are breaking LR19 rules here!!!

Make sure to tower-up that demonic game in the upper left  on chapter five real good, also! While on Normal difficulty I remember being able to protect Illidan with a small band of units, on Hard you’ll need a good coverage of the area! I almost got overrun, which felt really, really awful… for some reason… Losing never feels good…

Apart from that, feel free to goof around for the rest of the chapters. Most missions are pretty easygoing and you can take your time to multy- click on every unit under your command, so you can listen to their jokes and whatnot crap. Send a huge army in the last chapter to kill the Pit Lord. Watch as the Blade Masters around him clear your brigade with their “Bladestorm” ability! FUN, FUN!!!

Warcraft III EXTRA 4 DONE!

Talk about similarities! What’s this? A custom campaign? “The Last Druid” tells a story of the events that happen around the time the “Sunwell” was destroyed and how the blood elves came to be. It’s a short campaign, mainly focused on Heroes/units and puzzles. Difficulty swings towards the easy/normal side. The maps are pretty huge, so there goes those three hours I guess?

Apart from that, I have to say, the maps are pretty detailed and well-made. Puzzles are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Talk about uniqueness, the underwater sub-map won all my cookies! After all, how often do we get to play with an overpowered Water Elemental in the true hell under the sea? Apart from that, there are other unique gimmicks as well, like item crafting/combining and no-mana regeneration which-

Man, writing them up now really makes them feel dull and boring to me… Alas, they are not! This was a fun campaign, which to be fair…

… I played because I had trouble with another custom one. End result – I’m glad I actually played this instead! =FFFFFFSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH=



As you can see, I’ve been having fun clearing what chapters I can at the moment, in the last campaign of the game. Undead is a pretty strong race, but would I be able to deal with multitasking and ACTUALLY clear for once the last and final chapter? That’s what I have yet to do! Also, the first chapter took me more than two hours to do. It was a complete MADNESS! Also, low cooldown CHARM spell! Gimme that free army! Also, marketplace abuse. ALSO, DREADLORD- PITLORD HYBRID! Well, at least he got quickly to level six…


SOON! [I hope…]

The Craft in a War: Version – 3.0// – The Reign of Chaos is Over!


Well, there it is! The conclusion to my playthrough of “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos”! With actual time of completion being two days after my last post, where I was quite uncertain of myself being unable to do it as a whole. As far as can tell, I underestimated both my own skills and the game’s setup, even though I had more than enough knowledge and experience for that to not be the case.

Warcraft III 1.5 DONE!

The Orc Campaign can be quite pleasant on Hard difficulty, as long as you manage to get pass the early chapters. The difficulty change sets chapter two as a whole new experience for example – While on normal difficulty you can explore around and look for bonus items, without a care for the protection of the Kodo Caravan, on Hard difficulty, the Tauren units guarding it would fall pretty quickly to the constant centaur assaults, unless you assist them. While this brings down the potential for exploration and stacking on items to power up Thrall, it’s not that big of a deal, given the fact that most items grant you pretty low stats. What good items you can find on this chapter are literally located besides the road that the caravan follows. Hah!

I probably had the most trouble with the third chapter. The chapter that introduces you to the uselessness of any ally CPU in the campaigns, while having to deal with billion enemy bases. An ally would never send help if your base is under attack.but IT will send laughable amount of units on a suicide missions, which I suppose is the CPU’s idea of “Keeping the enemy under pressure!”. If anything , it managed to keep me under pressure moreover. Luckily, Orcs are pretty good at setting up base defenses, what with their towers, burrows and the pincushion upgrade. This played a big role on keeping my base intact from attacks, while planning my own attack on one of the many enemy Human bases. Another thing that helps is attacking along with your “Ally”, which I guess adds a bit more potential to the success of your attack. It’s better than nothing, that’s what I can say about it. The “Pillage” upgrade helps quite a bit with resources management, considering the many buildings in all the numerous Human bases. Raiders were pretty good in that aspect and for siege overall, especially since they get focused less than the catapults, which are costly and harder to manage.

I’ve never managed to complete the optional mission to destroy all Trees of life in chapter four before. Looking back at the past, I would never set up for an expansion, would stack mostly on grunts and just sit down and “shred” my way up to the 15.000 wood goal. Not this time though! Hard difficulty has turned me into a complete different person, who would never do any of the said above! I would stack on all the trolls and siege with all the raiders! To a certain extend, it feels like the previous chapter, but easier, somehow. Maybe it’s due to the fact that you are against less opponents.Maybe…

As a whole, the Orc Campaign feels like “Tower up” and “Power up”! Two essential aspects, which play a huge role in the last chapter. If you think your Tauren Chieftain was not strong enough with the “Crown of Kings” that you found in the previous chapter, just see what happens if you manage to find the hidden “Mask of Death”…

Warcraft III 1.7 DONE!

If you consider the Orc Campaign as a laid back, then I have no words to describe the final, Night Elf campaign of “Reign of Chaos”.

Apart from the third chapter, where you have to quickly rush an annoying Orc base,while being on a race of 15.00 minutes time limit, the other chapters of the campaign felt untouched in terms of difficulty. That can be said even for the last chapter, which many people praised for being hella’ difficult! Not that I wish to brag or anything, but I almost nailed it on my first try, with five seconds remaining. [Should have used Furion to root Archimonde, instead of running randomly around the overwhelming legion forces…]

Really, the last chapter gives you so many resources to succeed, it’s quite silly. Mines, two expansions, two heroes with strong ultimate spells… Honestly, proper management of Tyrande and Furion plays a huge role in completing the chapter. Also, lots of Dryads. They are funny, they are spell immune and they were the unit that managed the most with the legion’s forces on my first attempt. Who would have guessed that massing them would be effective to the point where I would even manage to save the allied Orc base as well?

…and then you beat the game and you unlock all the “StarCtaft”!!!

Warcraft III 1.6 DONE!

I feel quite happy for being able to finish “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos” on Hard difficulty. It was somehow of a childhood dream of mine and… now it’s all done! I managed to experience the game in a whole new way, learn more about it and… generally, I just had fun! Actual, good ol’ FUNFUN! I can’t deny that my previous experience with the game came in handy, given that I still remembered the layout of the maps and the location of various useful items.

How will I manage with the expansion “The Frozen Throne”? I don’t know. I’ve only played through it once and I don’t remember much about it. People also pointed out that it’s on a whole new level regarding difficulty. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll try my best to finish it! In the meantime, I am probably going to take a bit of a break regarding “Warcraft III” posting. Kinda’ wanna’ post about other actual VIDEO GAMES!

Volume Three: The Craft of War – Casual Learning Curve


Another post regarding “Warcraft III”, which I am honestly considering doing weekly. It all depends on how I handle the difficulty really, though things went quite nice this week. I’m not sure how things will turn up for the upcoming one, given how much trouble I am having with the Orc Campaign in “RoC” right now. We’ll see… Anyways, here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish during this week:


“Monolith” is a classic scenario map that always gave me trouble back in the days. It didn’t matter if I played it with friends or an ally CPU, the enemy always managed to overwhelm my forces. On this map, you face custom- built races, like Murlocs or Trolls, who have their own set of gimmicks and strategy regarding their structures, heroes and units. The Thunder Lizards and The Beast Master[?] ones are the worst races to play against, while the rest are quite manageable. The goal is to destroy the main building [The Monolith] of each opponent, which also disables them completely from further interference in the game. Monolith Shard Pieces are items scattered around the map, which can be picked by both sides. Having them in your possession lets you disrupt various enemy units a number of times, turning them against each other. If the Monolith Beasts pick them up, they can set up some pretty tough tower buildings, which melt down low level units in no-time! Honestly, the only reason to pick those up before the enemy is so you can prevent them from setting up lots of towers, since the activation effect of the monolith shard does not have that big of an impact on the map. [P.S. I am not totally sure if the enemy actually picks and places them. Rather, I think it’s just something that they can build. I don’t know…]

I’ve decided to give myself some [Easy] CPU allies, since I wanted to face the maximum number of enemies. [Number of players affect number of enemy players.You can’t face them all solo, sadly…] My first two attempts ended in failure. The Night Elf Warden is not all that good of a hero for this map, at least not for the mid and late game. Priestess of the Moon did the work quiet nicely, along with a quick tech to tier three, where I managed to get myself some chimaeras to help me melt the Monoliths quickly. Controlled the early game with Huntresses, who are really effective against the masses of low tier units that the enemy tends to make.

Auras and quick tech are really important for team games. I LEARN THINGS, HECK YEAH!


The Last Guardian is a custom campaign for Warcraft III, with a primary focus on puzzle-solving and less fighting. By puzzles, it should be mention that 85% of the game is just fetch-quests, with actual puzzles coming into gameplay every now and then. I don’t know if it’s right from my part to be critical about it, since I’m not entirely sure as to what are the limits of the “Warcraft III” editor. Regardless, each map of this campaign has much to offer, to the point where one is without a doubt not going to care all that much about any annoying little details. I mean, every place is set up and built really nicely and the custom models are just…great! Again, I don’t really have any experience on the editor of the game, I’m just stating my honest personal opinion regarding my experience. There is quite a bit to explore on each chapter, but as a whole, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. The overall interaction setup in this campaign made my whole experience with it really pleasant!

As for the plot, the campaign revolves around “The Last Guardian – Medivh” and his deeds around the time when the Orcs came into Azeroth. You play as his new apprentice, Khadgar who is tasked with solving various tasks, ultimately leading to the discovery of Medivh’s betrayal and his death. I’m not quite in touch with the whole story as a whole. I’ve recently watched the movie and I know about the book and… I guess it’s fine…?

This is the post where I make excuses for not knowing things regarding the game, but would I be having any fun if I knew it all? Maybe. I had fun with the statue/Medivh fight in the last chapter of this campaign though.

This campaign was quite alright and I would gladly suggest it to anyone.Even to people who have never played Warcraft III or just hate the game for whatever reason whatsoever. PLAY THIS CAMPAIGN, IT’S ENJOYABLE!


The official Undead Campaign of “RoC” also taught me a lot of things about the game! Way to go hard difficulty! I regret avoiding you back in the days…

Siege Weapons are good and should not be overlooked, especially if you are dealing with an enemy who uses a lot of ranged units. This is a key element for clearing chapters Three to Five. Also, making the right picks when it comes to attacking bases and overall positioning on the map. You can’t really get away by relying on towers alone for base protection on hard difficulty. Same can be said about attacking bases at random. As a whole, one should aim to deal with the huge threats first, especially those involving the production of an enemy siege units/heroes who are attacking your base constantly.

I was feeling quite uneasy about chapter six. I expected the wost coming from all the Orc enemies that you need to deal with, but turns out that they are no match at all for masses of Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles. On another note, it seems that if you don’t reveal the red Orc Base, you won’t have to deal with the Level 10, Red Dragon attacks, which is quite nice, since on Hard difficulty, the number of Dragons who attack you is set to TWO! [Sending a shade to scout the red Orc base would trigger him to attack…it seems…] Also, Arthas ultimate is really good for turning attacks around, even though all you can get from the reanimated units is to bring one tower or so. Still, it’s something…

Did I have trouble with the last chapter? Of course! I had to replay it five times in total. Why? Because I underestimated a lot of things. One of those, which I think was the most crucial one,is the gold income. You can’t really stand up to all those attacks without a good support of towers and units. And for that you honestly need more than just the gold mine that you have at the start. Expansions and upkeep management is really important!!! Even then, protecting Mr. The Lich Summoner can end up in failure if you are not careful! Having trouble with the final attack from the fully-upgraded humans? Had enough of those pesky Archmages and their annoying Blizzard spell? Gryphons swarm over Kel’Thuzad and one-shot him before you can even heal him?

Possess and enemy sorceress with a banshee. Use the sorceress to remove the Lich out of sight! There! That’s the secret to deal with the hardest part of the mission! The rest really depends on how many towers you can build and if you can keep your Fel Hounds and Infernals healthy enough all the time.

War of the Craft “The Third” – Mechanical Gnolls


Let’s just say that due to a “certain” someone, I decided to get back to this game after a decade. I was quite curious to see how well will I manage after such a long time has passed, especially if I set the difficulty on the highest! And what do you know, I managed to pass the tutorial and later even beat a single INSANITY CPU on 1v1 custom map! Looks like Blizzard’s “Mechanical Gnoll Poacher” mind-game was not enough to set me back!


Last time I played “Warcraft III ” was before the release of the two extra chapters for the Orc’s bonus campaign in “The Frozen Throne”. I wasn’t any good back then if it came to playing against other people, but I did manage to clear every campaign on normal difficulty.[Except for the last chapter of the Undead campaign in “The Frozen Throne”]. Honestly, if I am to try the ranked ladder, I would probably end up losing all games, as long as I don’t get a win due to someone leaving. Overall, my current goal is to clear every official campaign[+ various custom campaigns] on Hard difficulty, beat as many custom scenario maps and just have as much fun as possible. “Warcraft III” is a pretty enjoyable and fun game to me. Some of my friends find the game to be pretty weird and uninviting, what with its concept of RTS+RPG mixture, to which I say “Just play the game…”. If anything, it’s the learning curve that will bring you the most entertainment. Easy to learn, hard to master. I had a crush on Jaina when I was 12… I also find it neat that the game was released a day after my 11th birthday. This is an important information regarding the game!

I know that the game still gets updates every now and then, but they are not really all that impactful on the main content as a whole. Thus, super-clearing this should be alright.Regardless, I do find the idea of sticking to this game for as long as I can quite inviting…


I had to play it right away. I had to find out what happens after the first chapter. I’ve been holding myself from doing this for so many years! This campaign follows the adventures of an Ogre, Troll, Panda and Old-man Tauren chieftain. Relies pretty heavily on the RPG concept, essentially making the usage of any other units, but your main hero characters, useless. LITTLE TIMMY IS STILL ALIVE! THANK YOU BLIZZARD! THANK YOU! I liked the addition of custom dungeons in the second chapter. Not big of a fan on that OUTLAND ARENA bit, but overall, I enjoyed the “new” content quite a lot. Especially the long-ass fight with the DEATHLORD on that one secret-island-secret place in the second chapter.Third chapter felt quite short and the ending was a lackluster. Well, at least I got to play with Jaina around for a bit and visit her kingdom. Was always wondering about that little island when I played the Orc’s campaign in RoC…


I actually tried to play the Human campaign on Hard mode back in the days. Though it was on accident and I didn’t realize up until later that I changed the difficulty. By later I mean when I got attacked by an army that had two “Abominations” in its ranks on chapter four. It didn’t happen on this run though,hm! [ I was always afraid to try things on higher difficulty back then…] The early missions where pretty much me fooling around and collecting items for Arthas, while trying to remember all the secrets hidden around.Additional few moments with my eternal love Jaina and here we go chapter FIVE! The chapter where the Hard difficulty finally spikes up and hits you right in the jaw! Fight beefy, upgraded Abominations with your puny units, get overrun by skeleton warriors since you didn’t bother to upgrade or train any Priests and here is finally the enemy Lich hero! Fuck everything you built or trained! For one thing, I forgot that there was a secret at the start, where you can get two Footmen for FREE! Creeping the few ogre camps in the area helps out quite a bit regarding gold income, but it felt like you need to do it early in the game, along with the caravan side quest.In the end, I beat the mission due to simple luck, that being the enemy ignoring that one hidden farm that I built next the shop, not far away from the main base. OH MAN SURVIVAL MISSIONS! Truly, those should be the ones I fear the most in the future…

Then it’s the “Kill 100 zombies before Dreadlord man claims them” chapter, where you completely ignore Mal’Ganis and finish your quest due to the massive output of Knights. Then in the next chapter, I noticed a gold mine missing on the map! Quite the difficulty change, didn’t really affect anything… In the last chapter, Arthas turns into a steam tank once he gets his new weapon. The constant use of divine shield and the new chaos-type attack that Arthas gains lets you slowly go through every single structure of what enemy bases you can find. That’s low mana cost-long duration – can’t kill me – spells for you!

I was expecting way worse from the campaign! I’m glad things went alrighty…


“They filled in a gap!” I mean, Warcraft III was exciting in terms of plot for young “Me”. I found the idea of custom campaigns to be pretty awesome, though I didn’t really bother to look for any whatsoever. “Exodus of the Horde” is the continuation of the tutorial campaign in RoC, though I didn’t knew that in the demo, these chapters were actual part of it!

While the first two chapters go past by like a breeze, the Hard difficulty strikes yet again on, you know, the mission where you have to defend your base for a certain amount of time! The main issue is mainly the siege rock-golems, which tend to pillage your buildings in no time. They are essentially Steam tanks with a Thunder Clap, which makes a short work of what units you might try to use to surround the golems in attempt for a takedown. Thrall’s chain lightning and Spirit Beasts can deal alone with normal Murloc groups. For the golems, I just went mass raiders, which were quite useful against the rest of the enemy units as well.

I could have beaten the chapter on my first try, but sadly, what happen was that I lost my last building seconds later after the timer ran out. Victory cutscene + defeat, end game status screen! Now that was something I’ve never seen before!


I wonder how would intelligence-attribute heroes fare in the late game on WarChasers when it comes to a solo run. Strength and Agility ones just need Mask of Death and Cloak of Flames to be set, really. I also tried doing this map with a different character. I’ve beaten it twice with Optimus Primo and Blade Berserker before. SOME OF THOSE NAME REFERENCES!

Snake Ayes was fun overall. Loved the kiting game and the Mask of Death abuse. Still, a solo run can be a pain when it comes to the tank part. A REAL PAIN OF A GAME CALLED…

…waiting.For more WarCraft III content.Soon.Regenerating…