Brain Hotel – A pretty unique mess


I had this friend in middle school, who would spend a whole lot of time on the internet looking for brand new indie releases. After piling up a decent amount of games on numerous CDs, he would give them to me saying “Here’s a bunch of games, see if you can find anything of interest that we can play”. I was in charge of quality check, though my experience back then could not be compared to the one I currently have. The early years of the 2k were pretty magical, I have to admit. Aside from experience being an actual factor in certain decision making, I would say, there were a lot of good indie games released back then by people from all over the world. Well… you still had your fair share of garbage as well, but as I said, experience was quite the factor when it came to decision making.

Adventure games by independent studios were at their boom, with numbers back then that could not be compared at all to nowadays. One such titles that I had the displeasure of playing and recently REPLAYING on stream was “Brain Hotel”. Weirdly enough, my friend didn’t mentioned it being on the CD that I got, but the title made me curious nevertheless. Starring the story of a guy who’s wife cheats on him with their own pet dog who mutates into fully fledged furry, our hero starts a delivery service, which eventually takes him to a convention for super villains. There, he learns that one of the villains in particular plans a mass genocide during the convention, with the help of a device that would let him control all electrical appliances, potentially giving him enough recruits to form an army to carry out his diabolical plan. For the sake of goodwill you decide to stop him, with the help of the villain’s personal traitorous robot and a blow- up Wonder Woman sex doll.

Yeah, this game had a pretty specific theme for its time, that did not really aged all that well. It was that combination of weird and wacky with a bit of toilet humor in between. Certainly, this game was not the first one to try this formula and sadly, it was not the first one to fail miserably at it either.

Brain Hotel DONE!

There is something unique about the game’s graphics, but I really don’t feel happy looking at them. It’s like they tried to go for a semi- realistic look, but it just didn’t mange to make it all the way to the end, probably got lost between two cups of soda or a burger.

The game is pretty short in terms of length and the puzzles vary from simple to average in terms of difficulty.  It’s usually the case of bringing a specific item to a room and use it on a s certain object. There is no backtracking and even if you get stuck, there is but a limited amount of objects that you can interact with, thus, your options are quite limited, as long as you don’t put yourself into an Alzheimer loop.

Something that I personally enjoyed in this game is the voice acting. While there is room for improvement, overall, it’s a not all that bad. However, when it comes to the content of the actual conversations, it’s just not doing it for me. It’s all old jokes and stuff that just doesn’t do it for me… at least not anymore.

If you are looking for a short blast from the past, go give this game a spin. What I can promise is for certain the lack of high quality, but everything else on the platter is in order.

Middens + Gingiva – Guns and Gums. From beyond here and today.


I praised these two games in the past briefly, if I remember correctly. They both focus on a fantasy science fiction theme with a heavily abstract and obscure aesthetic. The world built around them is truly beautiful and I’ve fallen in love with it over the years. These are games where looking at the art brings your mind to places you were not expecting to visit any time soon. These are games where the soundtrack breaks through the locks of your subconscious, opening and invoking various feelings that were either left in the past or never saw the burning daylight.

The universe is a vast place, isn’t it…?

Beyond that though, “Middens” and “Gingiva” don’t shine all that much when it comes to actual interactive gameplay. Blatantly put, they are pretty much art safari. Walk around, start a fight with something weird that caught your attention and proceed through a simple, turn- based RPG battle. This can quickly get tiresome, despite all the interesting worlds that you get to traverse and all the unique characters that you get to interact with. There is but a slight difficulty at the start, before you level up two or three times, then, the rest is pretty much a cakewalk. It doesn’t help that you get a whole lot of good stats and abilities to the point where you can overpower pretty much anything. [Except for that one optional boss in that one special event in “Gingiva”.] This applies to both games.  The items in these games are pretty much unnecessary, literally! \_[ =O=]–+ HA, HA! No, but really! The vast amount of consumables and equipment are more or less there to fit in with the whole RPGMaker theme.

The plot elements in “Middens” and “Gingiva” are pretty engaging and intriguing, featuring things like proper gun control, escaping harsh labor, the true nature of rushed marriage and so on. It gets in touch and addresses real life situations and values, which is something you don’t really see in video games all that much. At least not without wearing proper glasses, that’s it…

Crusher Masher Mako-chan [Arcade]

Crusher Mako-chan 1.2 DONE!

With the new decade upon us, this lab room is set to expand further! As of today, there will be a new priority on the acquirement of dreams and large doses of peppermint juice! However, the deposit only accepts the so rare milk coins, which can only be harvested via the 1- coin completion of Arcade titles. Am I up to the task? This will be a volume that would truly challenge and hone my skill level…

1- coin = 5 M(C)

Crusher Mako-chan 1.1 DONE!

“Crusher Mako-chan” is a goofy gambling Arcade game that features a girl who helps people around by punching large and solid things until they crumble to dust. It’s a very short game that can be completed in around few minutes, but it’s heavily affected by RNG, to the point were a run can end on the very first level, right from the first punch that you land. You mash one button to keep the punches going, but very rarely you’ll get to punch something in time through its durability pool. Power- ups play a big role in this game, especially the Pepper and the Super Punch ones. The pepper lowers your attack output and in a nutshell, it’s just a sign of a certain game over. The Super Punch one is the bread and butter of this game. It gives you a second chance to complete the level, which requires you to… that’s right! Keep hammering that button! If you do well and the RNG swings in your favor, Mako-chan will transform into grotesque, steroids- filled muscled flesh monster and perform an attack that destroys the solid object in one hit. This type of humor really brings me back to a time where I enjoyed stuff like “Dokuro-chan” and “Dai Mahou Touge”. It was the type of humor that revolves around a sweet looking girl with a dark side, which went to an extend of obscurity. I love that stuff even to this day… Do they still make these? I haven’t checked in a long time… It feels like they don’t do them anymore and I don’t know why I have that impression on the world around me.

Crusher Mako-chan 1.3 DONE!

I’ve spent a good time translating the debug mode of this game. I think there is a higher difficulty that affects power- up drops and objects durability, which made my winning run quite the breath taker. Can’t say my finger enjoyed it either! There is also an option which enables you to just hold down the button for an auto- fire, in case you don’t feel like going through all that button- mashing pain that I did. Hopefully, my new keyboard can last until the end of this year… Hopefully… Overall, this game brought a smile to my face along with some chuckles here and there. I love Mako-chan’s design and the short and silly plot fits in just perfectly. Add the shitty gameplay and we have ourselves a platinum winner!

Did I mention how awesome the soundtrack of this game is? How come nobody has dumped it yet?…

Saya no Uta – Human nature

Saya no uta

[The first time we met/]

“Saya no Uta” is a visual novel about a guy named Fuminori, who goes through a terrible car accident, which damages his brain in a way that causes him to see the world and the people in it as a horrifying and grotesque piles of flesh. His sense of smell and taste change alongside, making his everyday life a living Hell furthermore. However, while he still recovers from the accident at a hospital, a lone girl appears before him – Young, beautiful, human- like – As seen among the meat-walls, from Fuminori’s own perspective. Mystery envelopes her presence and origins, along with a further enrolling quest of a [father] person that she seeks. [She tends to avoid people, but likes scaring the patients in the hospital, who react to .her. in a pretty “unique” way.] Fuminori however sees her as a light of hope for his dark world, one that could potentially save him from going completely insane. A bound is formed between the two, due to the heavy burden of loneliness through which both have suffered. Fuminori promises the girl, who introduces herself as Saya, that he’ll help her find this [father] person. Soon after he leaves the hospital, Fuminori is joined by Saya at his home. Saya appears to be quite secretive about her actions and doings, but eventually, her true nature is exposed…

The reason why she is the only person that Fuminori can see normally in the flesh- prison, bowling alley is because Saya herself is an actual eldritch abomination, who appears the same way to people, as they do to Fuminori after the accident. Regardless, Fuminori’s tolerance keeps the bound intact, what with the further enhance due to a sexual intercourse and him letting Saya do the cooking. It’s pretty weird in a way… I mean, who would let anyone else cook for them?…

Fuminori being secretive about his condition and his new weird habits soon attract the attention of his “former” friends/// .^ colleagues from the medical university he’s studying in. Their persistence to learn the truth crosses paths with Saya’s goals [?] and she makes sure to punish them well. “When death seems like a bliss, don’t slap the grin off my face!” Saya is a being that learns fast – a strong predator with regenerative body perk – Unmatched opponent for normal humans, especially if they are unarmed. [?onecanwonder]

“Saya no Uta” is not all that long. There are a total of four choices that you can pick from, each leading directly to a different ending. [One of the choices from first pair leads to the second pair.] Depending on what you pick, Saya will either leave Fuminori after she cure his brain, die at the hands of his colleagues[?] OR get pregnant and release stuff that will mutate the whole planet into meat- salad, hell- topping.

As a whole, everything from soundtrack and graphics to writing and plot development is on a pretty high level of FANTASTIC! Overall, “Saya no Uta” is a wonderful experience, so one should make sure to explore every single bit of it.

[How they saw it/]

“Saya no Uta” is a Japanese, horror VN about a girl named Saya, who despite her cute- loli look, is an actual eldritch abomination! The game features grotesque imagery and the main protagonist even has sex with Saya, which is weird, considering what she really is. I’m not sure how to feel about this whole scenario… I haven’t finished the game yet as it seems to drag on for quite a while. Maybe I’ll do it at some point in the future… I don’t know. I was actually looking for an erotic game to suggest to my friend and his wife, but I’m having second thoughts about picking this one. Someone told me about “Bible Black”, so I guess I’ll go with that…

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Saya no Uta 1.1 DONE!

[ A Flare’s Extra Xerosis – Dancing in the rain on a giant pie/]

What is the actual purpose of Saya’s presence within’? Perhaps most people would see her as an unique form of a lover, residing within’ a very specific situation. While this is true, there is more to it. Saya’s general appearance and various confrontations with the rest of the character cast shatters expectations and ideals from sides all over. One life she turns into heavenly utopia, while others – to dirt and below, where even worms can’t sing. In “Saya no Uta”, one is to see the true nature of humanity and how fragile it is to changes. The future of tomorrow is never clear. So are the relations between “beings”, so are the goals that they seek. Saya is but a mere example of a major change that could occur and affect humanity.

In return, humanity affects Saya as well. She learns about the true horrors of our constantly changing nature and gradually develops similar ideals like us. Is she afraid? Is she sad? In the end, our understandings can go “this” far, so in retrospective, so could have hers.

“Saya no Uta” is the butter on my crumbly toast!

Looking at the western comic adaptation, I noticed how low on focus is this general aspect that gave the novel it’s main flavor. If anything, it was presented in a pretty rough way, to the point where I think it might be accidental. I don’t think the story or art is bad, I just think that it feels like a weird, alternative – westernized spin- off. Fans say “No’! What do THEY even know? Fuckers!

Cedric and the Revolution – Featuring : More goddam’ elves that are probably going to overtake this site,UNLESS…! [?]


Good evening and welcome to the late night LR19 show, where I write about video games from the past and present, but mainly from the past. “Cedric and the Revolution” is an adventure game, starring an elf blacksmith and his apprentice, who are on their quest to fight against high taxes, caused by “a” king’s clumsy nature regarding DEMON POSSESSION evasion. While it’s no surprise that one on such position would be a natural target, we could question such act, given the status, resources and overall power that “a” king would have. Then again, for all we know, high-ups tend to be pretty eccentric and pickers of rather unusual hobbies. Is it because of boredom or the overwhelming weight of the crown? STAY TUNED AFTER OUR SHORT COFFEE BREAK!

[If you don’t drink at least one cup of coffee, the text bellow would most likely be restricted from viewing!]

This game is rather short, mainly composed of two parts – Town Square and Inside the Castle. The initial first part is quite easy and gives you enough time so you can get used to the interface. The puzzles are easy to follow and you are bound to eventually find yourself within’ the second part, sooner or later. While the second part is a bit tougher and requires more sweet meat to clean it up, adventure game veterans would have little to no trouble. For all I remember, back in the days, me and a friend of mine used to toss this game around all the time, until we figured the part with the candles, which I think is the one puzzle- factor that decides heavily on you being stuck or not.

Cedrevolution DONE!

It’s not like this game does anything new with the genre. What you would see and do, you’ve probably done so in other adventure games as well, already. By no means this puts the game in a bad spot, no! This is a pretty clean title, with enjoyable graphics, sound and dialogue. If I am to critique this game for something that I didn’t enjoy, it would have probably been the fact that the first part and the second part feel pretty similar in terms of gameplay. Three is the favored number by this game, so expect your main tasks to revolve around that, one way, straightforward.

Honest elven 6.8 out of 10 for this old class’ from the pas’.